Sunday, June 17, 2007


I'm going to the Dandenongs tomorrow, forecast is 11 degrees with hail and thunderstorms. That makes me officially insane. As long as it doesn't snow. I'm meeting a mountain Bwca and we're going to have lotsa cake and coffee and drool in shop windows. We're too clumsy to shoplift. If I don't blog for a few days, send the SES out to look for my broken broom and my ruby slippers.

Mr Abbott got told off for supporting corporal punishment in schools. Caning, strapping or any of the other wallopings I saw in my days at school did nothing but hurt and humiliate children. Mr. 'Family Council of Australia' Muehlenberg said teachers should be able to use an occasional smack. That's great coming after the details of the 160 bruises and injuries sustained by one little boy before his death last year. Mr. M. has a blog. It was listed at the Australian Index and I clicked over thinking it couldn't be him but yes, the dark side has a blog. Don't go there.

I'm taking this next bit out of context since it was part of a regular column in the SHS.
"Christians say that in Christ there is no male or female, Jew or Greek, slave or free person. We are to live in respect as one family". "no male or female" just one family so what's the carryon about same-sex love or same-sex marriage?

The other article had me really going "D'oh". "Child-care experts say parents are ignoring advice to limit baths to two or three times a week because they are obsessed about keeping babies clean and germfree" What???? I realize that with disposable nappies keeping urine and poop off the baby's skin it probably means a bath in the morning and night is excessive but keep it to two or three times a week. Call me old fashioned but that is just crazy. A warm bath is so relaxing for a baby. They kick, splash, play with toys and laugh. I read elsewhere that child rearing experts are undermining mothers' parenting skills and if this is what they're advising, ignore them.

And now for my encore. A well deserved slam at WeightWatchers. Their rotten little chemical laden desserts are now shown to have hydrogenated fat in them. This is unhealthy nasty bad fat which is made from good healthy oil. I refuse to eat any WW food. I'm not lining their pockets with any of my money. No weigh in here either, I forgot this morning. I'll do it tomorrow before I go touring.


Middle Child said...

I did that awful other weight thingie back in the early '90's... can't think of the brand name but they are everywhere... lasted a month but the aftertaste of the food which was crap was awful...and all dishes had like a smell and same taste to them..felt a fool for doing such a crass comercial thing...then my mum died and reality set in and threw the garbage away...out on some weight, and had some of the happiest and most tragic years of my life...but hey thats's life...

Jenny Bloody Craig...yucko...I think I had trouble remembering their name because of the brain damage their mush gave me.

R.H. said...

Jahteh I got the strap all the time at school, and punched and kicked at 'home', that's why I never got past primary school. I'm tired of all this Christ business -who was a bloke who got kicked aound himself- wherever I see it from now on I'm leaving. That's all.


R.H. said...

I'm not an evangelist, I leave that to estate agents who shout on footpaths. -And to Preacher Barry, who was the funniest most true-hearted man in the world.

phil said...

Cold - well even here in Brisvegas, the side that we live on gets down to 1 or so. Been choppin'wood, for the fire and to get rid of the white ants which have, regrettably, got into the house.

Corporal punishment? No no no unless we can see Tony being caned on the news every night for being a god-bothering precious prat.

Offspring no 2 has lost 20kg over just less than 6 months. There's a target for you!

JahTeh said...

Rh, my comment for you is on the other post.

Phil, you're burning the white ants? Tony Abbott needs another 3 feet to stuff in his mouth then maybe he'd shut up. 20 kgs, hell I'm happy with 200 grams but good on her.

MC, Lite'n'easy is another money making piece of crap but the ads make the food look so good. I'm too poor to go to WW or Jenny Craig or buy L'n'E. Even welding my teeth together wouldn't work. It will take a while but I'll get there, I'm only aiming for 120kgs.

Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Have a lovely time touring JT,

I think society just wants to mess up children to have messed up people that are easier to control, that's why children should be beaten in their eyes, teachers here aren't allowed to hit children anymore so they just mess them up with pschological violence!

Ggggrrrrrrr !!!!

Poor old Christians, I almost feel sorry for them, they just don't know what to think do they?

One love, one tribe, one world!

Link said...

Why doesn't it surprise me that Tony Abbott would be in favour of corporal punishment?

Ann ODyne said...

Mountain Bwca here, pearing through the mists which swirl divinely in the very tall gums trees all around ... that Monday forecast of 'Thunderstorms' scared me a bit, but for Friday 'The Bureau' bless 'em, hopes for "clearing to Sunny' and so do we. seeya then.

RH - your experience as described above, was not yours alone.
My mother, MHDSRIP, was taught a lot about bashing, by the nuns at St.Josephs in Fitgerald St South Yarra. They taught her that it was OK, and she learned well.
I'd have her 'up on charges' these days though.
Christianity is A Fine Ethic, if only more people actually practised it. *sigh*

JahTeh said...

So much for the cakes'n'coffee. Stupid Weather Bureau, I'm still looking at blue sky.

MD, looking back on all the boys who were beaten, I can see which ones were dyslexic or malnourished or abused at home but they were punished for disrupting class and plenty of psychological warfare there too.

Link, he does admit he was beaten and it didn't affect him, just made him join the liberal party and hate women.

Lord Sedgwick said...

So Coppertop, you've been to the Dundenungs?

Any sightings of Willi Koeppen and where was me Cuz'n H when he disappearised?

Just sayin' ...

...and always ready to claim (and share) a reward.

R.H. said...

My remedy for people who abuse kids is they should be gassed.
I was taken to live with a de facto pair of sadists who enjoyed the sight of blood too much. Their intelligence was sub normal, the procedure was always the same, good humour as they began drinking, followed by a bit of fault finding (old grudges), and ending in a blind drunk brawl. They bashed their guests, they bashed each other, they took it out on kids as well.
Anyone against snuffing out mongrel humans was never brought up this way.

JahTeh said...

No, didn't make it Your Lordship and not a sight of hail nor sound of thunder. We're aiming for Friday because the Bureau of Misinformation says it's going to be sunny. Break out the Wellies & Brollies.

Rh, in those days they did it for the money and nothing else. The homes for children were worse which is why I don't oppose any welfare money that goes to help a family stay together. But you can't do anything about a woman who wants to put a man before her child and lets him use it as a punching bag.

R.H. said...

You don't comprehend this because you don't know it. This is about a man whose kid wasn't adopted out but handed over to mongrels in a pub. A government institution couldn't have been worse, and formal adoption into a sane family in fact would have saved lots of trouble later on. My deadhead social worker niece doesn't understand it because she never lived it, having been adopted herself and raised by well-to-do intelligent people on Sydney's North Shore. And yet she parades about, this silly bitch, carrying a shrine to herself and wanting everyone in awe of her for never having known her mother, who was my sister handed over to gypsies. And today she like the rest of her apologist crew are employed as sweet-talking apologists to say, "Oh yes, that's very unfortunate, but really you should try to settle down and respect this society and its laws, buckng it will get you nowhere." The dumbrain idea of leaving kids where they are to be murdered by de factos and sometimes their own mothers has been going on for at least fifty years now. But these spruced-up spineless social worker creeps have only one concern -or maybe two: Public exposure, and paying off their mortgage.

R.H. said...

What I'm talking about is a drunken gutless mongrel father who dumped his wife into a mental institution then was able to hand out his seven kids, on by one (including a six month old infant), to any drunken sot around the slums who wanted one. I'm pleased at having no regrets whatsoever for all the crimes I've carried out and would do it all again, because this is a cringing moron mongrel little country full of cheats, fake celebrities, and selfish wailing little bastards.

JahTeh said...

Rh,my grandmother died of tuberculosis in 1928 leaving my father, his sister and 8 month old brother. My grandfather gave them away to spite the family. The baby was only days away from being adopted but my great grandmother searched until she found them all. It's monstrous that it's still going on and it is every day. Don't you understand this is why I support rainbow families? They don't have to have children, they have them because they want them. I know you don't like the thought of the children being ridiculed at school but their home life is so much more important.

R.H. said...

Adoption can be okay, but this is a case of a worthless low creature tossing his kids out into the street. And getting away with it, although plenty knew about it and did nothing. My first contact with the social welfare department was as a teenage boy committing offences. They gave me a probation officer who was a paedophile/criminal homosexual -call it what you like, the next was a houseproud dotty old lady wanting something to do, the next after that was a glamour doll social worker who took me to Healesville Sactuary on a wet day and sat in the rotunda prettily displaying a raindrop on her cheek for all to admire. I went to her little bungalow one night in tears telling her I wanted to go to a Home but she wouldn't talk to me, being too busy doing up her face for a big night out. No one ever helped. The closest thing to it was when a copper from the local station turned up to investigate a brawl one night, took me and the de facto woman to the police station and locked me in a cell while he rooted her. The only real hope I'd ever had came from a religious woman called Mrs Pratt who years earlier took pity on my poor mother, trying to help her, and if it weren't for that example of kindness which has been with me all my life, I'd have done a lot more than just rob people.

JahTeh said...

Rh, I'm glad you had a Mrs Pratt who sounds the kind of person who lived her beliefs not just mouthed them.

R.H. said...

Darlings they told me in night school be careful what you write, because unlike what you utter, it's THERE. Golly. But I take the risk, and say, there's a time in your life you look back on, a time nothing existed. A time of bliss. For me it was lying in the dark on an old kapock mattress, squeezed and tangled among other little bodies; warm, snug, cosy, all together; like puppies.

This was my ultimate, heart barely beating. Bliss. That's all.

Middle Child said...

Solid stuff RH and others... a big difference between a slap from a parent worried because you didn't make it home from playing till come on dark... (one of the few big rules we knew not to break) and some of the sick things mentioned in this series of posts.