Monday, June 11, 2007


I can always rely on to drive me crazy with food photos. This lot is special as they're some of the Queen's favourites. She likes roast beef and yorkshire pudding, cold roast beef sandwiches and scones with jam and cream.

She also likes sticky date toffee pudding.
She likes bread and butter pudding.
And she washes the lot down with a martini! No wonder she looks great at 81.
If I ate all those I wouldn't make it to 81 but what a way to go.


Link said...

I wonder if the Queenie-poo always gets her food served up looking like these photos? I'd start to feel decidedly artificial if every meal I ate looked as good as these. They do look good, but as I said, they're like air-brushed models, and look too good to be true/real.

Anonymous said...

I made my first bread and butter pud the other night, and although I say it myself it kicked serious butt.

The number of eggs you have to put in those things, it's a wonder I lived to tell the tale.

Cast Iron Balcony

phil said...

as an avowed republican, I find it very disturbing that I like the same food as HM the Q. wonder what she thinks about genger beer?

phil said...

and spelling, for that matter...

JahTeh said...

Apparently she does Link. Even the corgis eat out of silver dishes but she does feed them herself. I love sticky date pudding but it's too finicky for me to make, thank the lord.

Helen, your first pud, congrats. Another thing I used to make and the boys used to call it doorstop pudding. I was better with curries. It's great to make it with fruit bread.

Her Mum liked a G&T or Dubonnet or when in Scotland, a wee dram or three. If the ginger beer's any good, you could start up a mailorder blog. I'm rather partial to ginger beer.

Stegetronium said...

OHMIGOD bread and butter pudding!
Haven't had it for years
Sudden irresistible craving
(Which apparently is my body's way of telling me what I really NEED...)