Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The Duchess of Cornwall likes rubies and so does her cleavage judging by this photo. I'm not fussed about rubies, they clash with my hair so I think I would replace them with Tanzanites, lovely violetty blue stones.
Yes, much better for me.
She said her tiara was uncomfortable, too heavy, I'm really cut up about that. I, of course, handle a tiara very well and I definitely have the cleavage to handle that necklace, with Tanzanites.


Middle Child said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha...one has to chuckle

BBC said...


First look at your blog.

Interesting, keep up the good journey. Hugs.

JahTeh said...

MC, necklace is rumoured to be a present from one of the arab princes and worth a million pounds. She said she hadn't an opportunity to wear it until now, after the teeth were fixed and the face lift (discreet)and the hysterectomy. Stepford Duchess??

Hello bbc, first visit but I bet you didn't see the invisible sign, "abandon hope all who enter here". This blog is like my mind, a convoluted labyrinth of inter-connected black holes.

Ann ODyne said...

I am so pleased to see middle child chuckling up there.