Friday, July 27, 2007


It's that time again, when I get out my list from 2000 and see how far I've come towards my 2008 goals.

Not far.

Not once in seven years have I been free to celebrate my birthday in a restaurant. July, it seems, is disaster month but I have enough to sneak in another viewing of 'The Order of the Phoenix' next week. I shouldn't have said that out loud, Fate is probably listening.

Divorce from husband, finalised. Goodness negated by apparently ending up married to my mother.

Freedom to do something with my remaining life. Nope, held captive by two little old ladies for six years, still in captivity in the seventh.

Subjects passed at Open University. Big Zero here but I did get the enrolment forms and the handbook so I tried.

Weight. Lost 20 kilos, regained 10, lost 6 and still trying. A definite possibility of success for this one.

Diet. Extremely good. 7 years a vegetarian. ???? years a chocoholic. Throw in a drop of booze and there's my three basic food groups.

Travel. I got off the mainland of Australia if you count going to Phillip Island to see the penguins. I did take a train and a bus in 2005 and survived the panic attack so I continued to ride.

Debt. I can't remember if I was supposed to get in or out but in up to my neck mainly vet bills since I was left the sole parent of four ageing cats. One left, hanging in there by a thread only because it's cheaper to feed him than make that last visit to the clinic.

Health. Improved. I walk, fall over, bounce. My teeth are fixed although I haven't been back for a year due to little old lady. Pinched sciatic nerve almost fixed but not quite due to l.o.l. Eyes haven't been tested due to l.o.l. I really need new glasses or a repairing spell. Nerves and blood pressure are in tatters due to l.o.l.

Personality. A work in progress. Some days I feel as though I should be wearing a sign that says "Do not prod the Viper". I still swear a lot and like to kick small children.

Love, marriage, partnership. Still a big NO. I'd rather open a vein. Become a hermit. Anything but those three.

I think I'd better extend the wish list until 2010. According to the New Age pundits, the world is due to end in 2012 so I've still got time to become ruler of the universe.


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Warming the cockles (so to speak) of the Blogosphere? Does that get to count as an achievement?

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

And happy birdy!

phil said...

You're a true aspirational.

(**runs away**)

Maybe that's irrational?


Happy birfday.

Do you know, I've never written "lol" before? I don't think I ever will again either, so consider that unique "lol" your present...

Word verification "moaxe". Seems sort of appropriate, tell me what you think it means.

cheers JT!

JahTeh said...

No birthday until the 31st even if my mother insists it was the 13th and put my age up a year, like I really need that.
I should have put.. cockles, warming of...on the list but I think I've past the age of cockle-warming, from now on it's just cockle looking.

Phil, I hate lol but appreciate the unique gift and 'moaxe' comes under the heading of 'WTF' moments.

phil said...

Cockle eekie.

Anonymous said...

OMG...! You made me laugh so hard that I fell off my chair and I sware it had nothing to do with the fact that im pissed!

On an honest note though, besides all the remorseful facts I'm sure you have grown spiritually and intellectually during those seven years.
You are a rare beauty Miss JT...of that you may be VERY years on and on your special day!!!
Many happy returns!
Much loveXXXX

BwcaBrownie said...

throw the bloody list away
and just do
whatever you feel like doing
at any given moment.

You have, however, gained friends and insight so ROCK ON !

JahTeh said...

Neo, not as spiritually as you, I draw the line at tattoos and I'm a little pissed myself at the moment.

Bwca, I'll do as you say and in my next post I'm going to call my mother a bloody old bitch. NO MORE MRS NICE DAUGHTER!

Middle Child said...

You do something really good for yourself, even if you pay for it tomorrow...indulge on your birthday, and keep taking lottery tickets...its our only hope!

A good laugh at your expense this sunday

JahTeh said...

MC, I really thought I would have done something with my life by now but it's not all bad. I re-read some journals last night and I have come a long way personally even if Ma still has me shackled.