Thursday, August 09, 2007


I snapped the fancy can opener shut with my finger in it and couldn't get it open with one hand.

My sister gave me a block of chocolate and said, "Enjoy!"

You should see me getting that open with one hand.


Brian Hughes said...

"I snapped the fancy can opener shut with my finger in it..."

Strikes me as being a bit of daft thing to do. My advice: 'Next time, don't snap the fancy can opener shut with your finger in it.' I'm sure it must have mentioned that on the instructions somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Did ya forget about the pain in ya fingers as the chokky dripped down ya chin?


Andrew said...

Not your sherry glass holding hand I hope, or your mother beating hand.

JahTeh said...

Thank you BH, I hope the same instructions are written on the side of your mechanical digger. There were no instructions, I'm a woman, we read instructions and ask for directions for destinations.

Neo, went down smoothly, a lady never drips chocolate, well not with a choc trap as big as mine.

Not just the can opener Andrew but nearly breaking a wrist opening the sauce jar because she's had a tidy up and put the twisty rubber thing I use in a safe spot which we will never find. I ended up stabbing the lid with a carving knife to break the seal, never fails.

Middle Child said...

Why am I laughing so hard...the picture is worth a thousand words...enjoy the chocolates okay!!!

JahTeh said...

Keep laughing MC, that's how fairies are born.