Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I have had to go back through my 2004 diary looking for some information about my computer so I thought I might as well start at the beginning of the year.

So now it's official, my mother has been emotionally blackmailing me for three years.

There's a lesson in this, don't go back and read old diaries.

You see the old girl nearly checked out in November 03. I mean who comes back from Pneumonia and pancreatitis when you're given no chance at all.

So she was still riding the sympathy train in January 04 and it appears that I should have jumped out of the carriage then instead of riding it to the 2007 station.

She told me today that she wants to be alive to see JHo lose the next election.

Please Lord for the sake of any future life I might have, shove the Liberal party off a cliff, and make it soon.


Lord Sedgwick said...

You realise that this the thin edge of Mum's wishlist edge. She's gonna go the whole hog and insist on outliving him.

Good luck.

(Runs away quickly - tittering.)

Lord Sedgwick said...

"wishlist wedge"

'k'n 'ell it's the keyboard I tell's ya!

Anonymous said...

Lol, LS!

You outta tell her to hurry to the station in the sky before YOU jump off a there's some reverse emotional blackmail in a nutshell!

(ahh old habits eh...sigh)


Shelley said...

So now it's official, my mother has been emotionally blackmailing me for three years.

She's a slow learner my mother's been doing it for the last 28 years, 8 & 1/2 months. Still, my mother learned from the best - her mother was a manipulative old harridan. My future looks bright...

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

I can't believe we missed your birthday!!! We didn't have a phone for quite a few days there and couldn't connect to the internet and we bloody well missed your birthday!!!

BwcaBrownie said...

Like 'nailpolishblues' above,
I thought "only three years ... but hey, it's quality not quantity eh?

I have to say,
'keeping the bottle handy'
isn't a bad coping mechanism ...
as in
When plagued with ire
go for that Sapphire.

When you just want to throttle,
Grab that blue bottle.

When there's hell to pay
Call 'Dr.' Bombay ...
(and I don't mean 'Haneef'),
with Bombay Sapphire gin
A girl can only win!

JahTeh said...

You're forgiven M'Lord since I can't even think wishlist wedge without me teef slipping.

Neo, my mother firmly believes she's doing me a favour by letting me look after her.

Nails, it's the only reason to have your own kids, payback.

Girls, the only birthday I'm interested in is Baby C's. I can't wait for that first blog photo.

Bwca, I'm still working my way through the sherry with a helping of double black ice vodka.

Shelley said...

Really? I thought having somebody to look after you as you nag them into an early grave was the reason to breed.