Friday, September 14, 2007


I am allowed to make remarks about big girls, being built like the proverbial concrete crapper myself.

So walking behind big girl at Westfield watching her tatoos fight across the broad acreage of her naked shoulders had me making remarks in my mind.

Why does anyone wear a white shoestring top with a floaty bottom that covers the big bottom and mixes it with navy blue shoestring bra straps? The top was nice, black pants okay.

For the want of a sleeve on each shoulder, she looked just okay. A bit of posture and a smidgeon of material, she would have been striking.

Her face was lovely and animated. She was obviously quite at home in her body, enough to go with the current fashion and show it all. What I wanted to do was polish the rough diamond and make a gem.

I thought about this after I'd posted and I want to make it clear that I'm not patronising this girl but I felt if she hadn't been dressed in the Britney/Paris/Lohen uniform then she'd have been a walkover in any contest with the skinny models thrown at young girls these days.

Nope, it still hasn't come out right so I'll leave it to you to know what I mean.


Brian Hughes said...

Personally I prefer the larger woman. More curves. More female. More lacy lingerie. Basically just more of everything that's soft and pink and comfortable. (I can Freud turning in his coffin. I don't know why I keep his mouldering corpse next to my computer.)

Of course, there are limits, such as when I find myself in a post office queue and the woman in front steps backwards and everything goes blank.

Andrew said...

Why can't larger women wear appropriate clothes? Many do and they look good. Many don't though.

JahTeh said...

I'm sorry Hughes, was that you? Did I break anything that can't be replaced? Of course if you had female reflexes you'd have moved quicker and avoided disaster.

Andrew, It doesn't sound right because I'd been doing the rounds of feminist blogs and an afternoon of that and I'm frightened to breathe in case it's politically incorrect.

I was thinking of Maggie Tabberer elegance when I wrote this because that's who she reminded me of. She just needed that bit of posture. Think elephants running, funny but elephants walking slowly are really graceful.

Young girls, big or little, are dictated to by money making fashion chains and if you can't make your own clothes, you're stuck and there's the peer pressure to wear the uniform of the so-called celebrities.

Anonymous said...

I could'nt agree more JT. Very good post, I like it a lot.

:~) Cheap and nasty instead of classy!