Friday, September 14, 2007


This is what happens when you max out the credit card making sure the cat has a good send-off.
The vet sends a very expensive condolence card.
The kitchen light decides to fritz itself.
And my feet get wet.

The last was a bit of a worry since I was sitting on the throne at the time.
I mean I'm not a bloke and my aim is usually pretty spot on.
So where were the lapping waves coming from?

Oh just look at that!
Who'd have thought a little flangy rubber thing holding two pipes together could disintegrate faster than Costello's dreams of leadership.

Fortunately lawn mowing man also doubles as handyman so he's putting in a new one tomorrow.
Not worrying about the kitchen, the dirt looks so romantic in candlelight.


Mindy said...

Sorry to hear about the cat. Things have a habit of going bung just when funds are tight I have found. Damn them. Did the vet send a hefty bill with the condolence card?

Ann ODyne said...

those rubber flangey things usually drip for a long time before they give up completely,

and i wish i had a buck for every loo with an ice cream container catching the drips.

they are very tricky to replace, so
you are lucky to have the LM Man handy.

Middle Child said...

Have arrived back home to hear that the water pump ( we are on tnk water only and depend on a water pump to deliver water into the house) is making consatnbt noises...which sound "pre collapse" and that the econocycle sewage system is running humming 24/7 which is a worry as its only supposed to work occasionally.... something is very wrong and I know it'll cost no matter what.