Sunday, December 23, 2007


There's nothing like being in the middle of a bloggable event and the computer gets fried by lightning.

I've got a systems restore running, has been for 24 hours and still going but I might be lucky to have everything back by Friday.

So I haven't been hit by a sleigh and the old girl's still with us.

I'm thinking of you all, that's all I can do.

I have to confess I'm computer addicted. I'm lost without my keyboard.

Have a great time over the holidays, I'll be in a corner sobbing.


Morgana said...

Oh Dear!
Well I'm sending you my address and it may be back to snail mail!
AHHH the good old days! have you forgotten the excitement of waiting for the mailman?

LOL, loving thoughts and wishes this Yule.

River said...

Whenever I hear a storm is on the way I shut down the computer completely. My last computer was fried by a virus and I love my new little laptop so much I'm not willing to take chances with it, especially since it isn't yet quite paid for.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
I hope you have a great 2008.

phil said...

I'm sitting on a bloody great old bed in a bed and breakfast in Katoomba. The wonders of next G and an office laptop.

But both the home pooters are ailing, it's a pain.

Enjoy the season, it's seasonal.

Phil and Mrs VVB

Brian Hughes said...

You don't need a storm for the computer to break down. Christmas usually does the trick. There's something about Christmas that draws disasters towards it. My own clapped out, gas driven p.c. has starting telling me that I've installed some new hardware (which I'm sure I'd know about if I actually had) every time I turn it on. I'm just hoping it doesn't go 'phut' and collapse completely before I can afford to get it seen to after New Year. I'm sure that baby Jesus is keeping an eye on it though, what with it being his birthday and all. On the other hand, if I suddenly vanish, you'll know that it's nothing personal and that my computer has finally giv

JahTeh said...

Everything is back up Morgana with a lot of swearing and cursing, a TechnoMage I am not.

I nearly made it River but the storm hit so fast, the shut down coincided with the lightning and power surge.

Phil, Katoomba? I hope you got in touch with the grouchy bear for a Cab Sav?

Fleetwood jests, I know his computer runs on single malt fumes from his breath.

Middle Child said...

There is a box type thingie you can get which you attach to the computer and if the power suddenly surges or goes out like in a storm it will allow your computer to continue uninterrupted and then whennits back up battery runs out in about 15 mins it will turn off the compouter but in the proper way. Trouble is its about $100 or was when we got ours...being in the country we have many surges and it was a necessity.

Hope you were not sitting in a corner crying ....