Monday, December 24, 2007


Okay 36 hours of continuous running microsoft restore and I'm back but the machine won't let me access any files because I don't have permission and I can't get permission because I can't get into the files.

I don't know if it will turn back on when I turn it off and of course, my anti-virus isn't on because I can't get into the security system. Zone Alarm is updated but won't turn the anti-virus on without permission which I can't get.

I had the machine on stand-by and could see the storm coming but had to drag the groceries inside and just didn't make it back in time when the first lightning strike hit. Serious systems error, thank you for Christmas.

Moorabbin had 38 mm of rain on Thursday and Cheltenham had 40 on Friday with thunder, lightning and falling trees and fritzed computers.

I don't know how people can go 'cold turkey' from blogging. I've lost years off my life and can't remember the best blog event I was ever in the middle of. I also got crook and spent two days in bed with no computer, no internet. I may have post traumatic stress disorder.

If I don't post for a few days, it's locked me out of everything, stupid machine.


River said...

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope you have a great 2008.

Link said...

So this and the last post? Wondered how you managed it at all? All this rain-- we is being 'cleansed' good and proper. Happy full moon and a merry Xmas to you.

Brian Hughes said...

"I don't know how people can go 'cold turkey' from blogging."

You think that's bad. Wait until mid-Febuary. Everyone in the western world will be sick and tired of cold turkey by then.

Happy Mid-winter Solstice, Witchy. Get those pigs' entrails slung up on the trees around your house, hang some mistletoe around your waist and let the egg nog flow copiously. After three days of that you won't give a stuff about the computer.

R.H. said...

RH's Christmas Message!

Off to Footscray hospital today darlings, for a look at big Lance's ugly mug: wooh!- what a horror! And so there I am in P1 (psychiatric) and there's the nurse in her little pew, typing her blog (naughty thing).
Yes, she says, he's here. He's got a bottle hidden too, and we can't find it.
Oh. I shake my head: how disappointing.
So right, straight down the hall I go, into the common room and there he is: Mr Meathead himself, watching TV. "Hoy!" he says, "You fucking bastard!- lendus a fiver." just like that. Goodness, what a greeting, but never mind, right that instant, as if to save me, Sexy Beryl starts playing the piano: Good King Wenceslas. And oh my golly, is he upset! Cut it out he yells, many times, but Sexy takes no notice. Right he says (and I'm apprehensive, what will he do?) he drags his chair to the piano, that's what he does. He gets up on it, opens his fly, lifts the lid on the piano and starts pissing in it. And Sexy Beryl, she just keeps on playing. How's that. What a trooper.

Well darlings, I'm not sure what one should say about this type of behaviour. I condemn it of course, and left immediately, saving myself (just by the way) a fiver.

Brightly shone the moon that night
Though the frost was cruel
When Miss Brownie came in sight
With Dan Murphy few-oo-el.
"Hither, page, and stand by me
If thou can be telling
Yonder drunkard who is she
Where and what her dwelling?"
"Sire, he lives a good league hence
Other people's houses
When their absence doth commence
Within she carouses!

Loving you
(in all circumstances)

Anonymous said...

May the festive season be kind to you, JT .. and may all your next years be full of pleasant experiences. Cheers and Best Wishes ..

(this computer never remembers me.. and am too pssd t figure out how t jump through Gruggles hoops .. heh.)

R.H. said...

Will this extraordinary image, I ask myself: Lance and Beryl at the piano, one day hang in the Louvre?

I don't know. But mental illness darlings, is older than cave painting; and the one true art.

Nothing changes.

Anonymous said...

I'm back too, at least for a quick hello and Sorry about not being around for such a long time. Not that I don't think about you, JahTeh.

Running across this and knowing you'd want to see it in all its glory
is what made me finally sign in for a quickie. Glad to see you are well and still blogging. Merry Christmas to you.

BwcaBrownie said...

That RH is a danger to shipping.
brilliant ... but still
'a danger to shipping'.

JahTeh said...

The same to you River and believe me 2008 couldn't be as bad as this year. I made the mistake of looking up last Christmas, what a hell that was.

Caroline, I have one neighbour that I haven't made malicious remarks about so it was okay to use her computer.

Listen Fleetwood, I have pudding, sour cream chocolate cake, mince pies, ice-cream all in the fridge and a stomach bug that won't tolerate anything but dry biscuits and water. I think I caught the virus from the computer.

Robbert, cunning lad, you got in and managed to get out again.

Davo, I hope you had a happy time and that your computer is up and running well.

Thank you old friend, just what I needed, photos of a deluge. I had that going over the front of the house and the carport last week.

JahTeh said...

Hi Bwca, he's only a danger to shipping if we can give him concrete boots and sink him in the rip.

R.H. said...

Say what you like, have a go at poor RH, but in his entire career as a blog reply person he has never told a lie or made anything up.
It's all true.

JahTeh said...

In that case Robbert, we'll only put one concrete boot on and give you half a chance.

Middle Child said...

Hope things are back to as close to normal as they can get with you Jahteh ( tee hee)