Saturday, January 26, 2008


This moving furniture is not for crocked up, dodgy-kneed old broads. I am hurting in so many different places I couldn't go two rounds with a wet sponge without a TKO.

I have a second bedroom again, make that bedroom/sewing room because it's sharing with two huge boxes of beads and other boxes I haven't dared look in yet. I washed the windows and the curtain and vacuumed half the floor. I thought I might have gotten away with not washing the curtains but bunched together they weren't exactly white more into a silvery grey truckload of dust colour. It meant I had to go up the ladder to re-hang them, miracle, no bruises.

All I had to do then was move the photo albums, heavy so I turfed some of the ex's hideous features which didn't lighten the load but made me very happy. Then drag the cupboard out, move the chair, move the TV, move the other couch, move the dolls in the hall, shove the sewing machine out of the way and slide the sofa bed into its new home.

I can't remember how I originally got it out of the study and into the lounge since it practically has to go around an S-bend corner. I was four years younger then. It didn't slide straight through the door but I'm sure I'll get the feeling back in the hand in a couple of weeks. I had to tip it on its side and slide. It's in place but nothing else is.

The nothing else includes several vertebrae, my knees, hand and left foot which I whacked with the vacuum cleaner. I feel quite proud of myself if I don't look at the albums still on the floor or the detritus tucked around the corner out of sight. It'll right itself, all in good time.

I'll just go and get an ice pack and a handful of painkillers.


R.H. said...

Housework is war!

My place is a mess.
But I am at peace.


outofctrl said...

Are you moving furniture all by yourself? Do take extra care.

R.H. said...

are you kidding, she could pick up a piano and throw it.

Brian Hughes said...

"...and left foot which I whacked with the vacuum cleaner."

That's what comes of having a vaccuum cleaner that hovers.

Caroline said...

You seem to like this lugging- furniture-around-lark. I recall a couple of posts in the past that recounted similar efforts.

Once I've picked up my winnings I'm gonna fly you and Brownie-Ann O'Dyne up here. (while I go off a roamin). She can look after the asnimals and you can shunt the furniture around my house to your heart's content. You'll love it, lots of wide open spaces, wooden floors so everything slides and not much stuff.

Dysthymiac said...

JahTeh commemorates colonisation by shaking up the established disorder.
How very appropriate.
I can only laugh when OutOfControl says "do take care" - so that's 'do as I say, not as I do'.

and Caroline? you're a sweetie. yesterday I couldn't kill a snake. I walked away. Then I went back (it had moved) and I walked away.
it's Out There still, with all it's buddies.

Ozfemme said...

Just reading your blog is wearing me out. Vacuum cleaners are aggressive and nasty. I have a dent in my right foot courtesy of mine.

JahTeh said...

Rh, housework is the pits. There are unwashed dishes in the sink but I've run out of washing liquid. If I'd run out of electricity I wouldn't have vacuumed.

OoC, moving furniture and take extra care do not go together when I'm in charge. I'm being good with the throwing out, one whack with the geologist's pick and the fragments are in the bin never to return.

Rh, I once threw a vacuum cleaner through the front window and it still missed the bastard.

I wish it did hover Fleetwood, it wouldn't be so hard to push. I'd get rid of it but I paid for it not him.

Caroline,the desk wasn't in the right place, so I put it back but going back to the little table for the computer annoyed me so I exchanged that for the laminex work table in the sewing room. All this is worked out in my head before hand but it's always much easier to do when thinking.

I tell you bwca, everything is just about right. I even got the child's teddy bears out of hibernation and put them on the sofa bed. I say hello as I walk past the door.

I'm worn out Oz and would you believe all this moving is going to make vacuuming easier? Yes, I am certifiably insane. Good God I even polished some of the silver while watching the tennis. It won't last all this energy, it never does.

Caroline said...

Dysthie,(that's hard to say with a lithp) best never ever to tangle with a snake, less its you or it and if its got to that point, its probably gonna be you.

You did the right thing. Be brave, be vigilant, (wear boots) and keep going back to where you saw it and thrash around making a right proper din, and it'll get the message that you-- (oh) all-powerful-opposing thumb-one, are just as territorial and more than deadly and it'll change its mind about setting up camp. (maybe). Unless of course its a 6" Tiger snake with attitude, in which case I'd call the cops.

They reckon that at anytime practically anywhere in Australia you are always within 1km of a venemous snake.


JahTeh said...

Bwca googled it and it's a yellow-faced whipsnake. They sometimes get into communal egg laying of up to 200. She's looking for the rest of the family. The weather apparently is responsible for cockroaches, earwigs and a few other noxious bugs.

Jayne said...

Housework and snakes and teddy bears- Oh My !

Bwca said...

it's a waning gibbous moon and CW be doin de funky gibbon dance

Dysthymiac said...

Dear Caroline, re:
keep going back to where you saw it and thrash around making a right proper din, "

NO NO - at least I know where it is. if it moves somewhere else where I am less careful, that is not so good.

and re "Unless of course its a 6" Tiger snake with attitude, in which case I'd call the cops."
YES YES YES - I would laugh for a week if I saw Cops v Snakes.
I hate the cops.
Only nights ago I called 000 at 2am while terrorised, and they said "Well what do you want US to do?

(put your gun to your head was one idea I had in response)

R.H. said...

Cops are not trained to deal with the DT's.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, by the time you do the rounds of our blogs you have seen the world.

Caroline, I rather like that, Dizzie O'Dyne without a lisp or an asp if she keeps annoying the snakes and the cops.

Rh, DTs my fat arse, it was a yellow-faced whip snake not a pink one. You're casting slurs on our Dizzie.

Middle Child said...

You had to do it and you did it...cos no one ever seems to be around when you need things moved... but I'll bet you are when they need things moving...enjoy the ice pack but drop some of that ice into a glass of something and you'll feel a lot better...