Friday, January 25, 2008


Last post was Tuesday, fifteenth crisis for the month was on Wednesday, Mummy's shopping was Thursday and Friday was 'collapsing in a heap' day.

The phone lines went out on Wednesday. Ma did everything bar standing in the yard and yelling for me. There was a waiting time for Telstra faults, half an hour of life I won't get back. They wanted to know if she had a life threatening illness and by the time I finished, including the Chicken Poxing nephew, there was an almost audible shuddering on the other end and a promise to get a technician there asap. Then I had to ring Mepac to tell them the panic button was out before they rang me to say she hadn't been in touch. So I dropped the furniture I was moving and walked round in case Telstra wanted to check the lines inside the house. It's not that she wouldn't let a stranger in, it was to let the poor man out if he did get in.

Thursday and I was out again. I've been cramming so many frozen meals in the small freezer because of the packaging that I thought of getting some zip lock freezer bags. So much better and what a waste of cardboard by the time I'd finished unpacking the boxes. After about 20 minutes, a voice from the bedroom enquired, "Can I come out now?". It's only taken 9 months of threats to keep her from underfoot when I drag the groceries in. I don't know why I thought I could walk the 3kms home after the shopping and the houseworking but it was coolish and I thought it might relax me. I don't think relaxed was quite the word to describe me sprawling over a seat in the park half way home.

Today was far more relaxed. I moved furniture. My work table from the sewing room which is going to be a bedroom again, almost a bedroom since only the sofa bed is going in there. The table is just a bit longer than the computer table but not enough for me to get too much junk on it. It means that when I use the printer I move the chair closer or I'll fall off. Thank you, no harm done, no bones broken but another whacking bruise. It matches the ones I got the other day when I couldn't find the fretsaw blades so I used the pruning saw to cut through chipboard which I rested on my knees. Bruises everywhere but the picture I framed looks great.

Tomorrow, I have to unload the photo album cupboard to move that out. Then after much measuring and finessing I should have the sofa bed in place. The computer table will go in front of that in case I ever take up craft work again. When I cleared the table I found a beaded Christmas ornament, half done and left in December 2003 which was the last time I sat in that room to work. Sewing machine stays up though, I have dresses to finish but it will be a bedroom again. That is after I hoover up the dessicated blowflies in the window sill. I thought they might have been there since 2003 but I did move bookcases in there about two years ago and I washed the curtains so I'm sure I would have moved the bodies out of the way. The dead spider swinging from the light fitting is a nice touch.


Brian Hughes said...

Personally I reckon you should incorporate the dead spider and shrivelled up flies in your half-finished Christmas bead ornament. Then you could use it for both Christmas and Halloween.

Bwca said...

OMG The Links!


... and isn't Hughsie a pet?

Now please don't go too crazy celebrating Our National Day ... as I have no bail money, having spent it all on Florentines which I ate ( Kez's Gluten-free if you were wondering, and $6 a packet - and worth it).

Ozfemme said...

Dead flies and spiders? Did your boggart go on holidays/strike too?!?

JahTeh said...

Right, that's it Fleetwood, I'm divvying up your share of the gilded cockroaches and giving them to more discerning commenters.

Those links better work bwca, I sweated blood doing them and left out a few so I have to go back.

You ate Florentines WITHOUT ME!!

Another load of gilded cockroaches to divvy up.

Bella, what the eye doesn't see the housekeeper doesn't worry about. I not only cleaned up the bodies but washed the windows and the curtain. Two hours later we had a huge thunderstorm so I stopped in case it went on for forty days.

Bwca said...

oh fer chrissakes I nearly died after following YOUR link to carolinkus which leads to beezlebublog alright.
I though "OK she's left the caf and started a completely new blog"
... and she changed her name to Ianthe Dymphus or something, so i left a comment..... of course it wasN"T OUR Beezlebub

haHa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Middle Child said...

Ah Jahteh, I am sooo glad Brownie sent me over your way, some time back...I know your life is NOT funny, but you make me laugh a know what you are doing are actually writing a journal of the "interesting" times you are living in...

some time back I lashed out and bought some printer ink and paper and printed out the posts which has stuff about our lives, thoughts etc in...and its sort of like a diary.

A diary no one I am related to reads but still... a record of the times... one day you'll look back on all this and larf your guts out... I promise...

JahTeh said...

Bwca, I just went there and got a post about 200 eyeballs being equal to one chicken or something. Link is now fixed. Please feel free to find any other little mix-ups.

Therese, this blog has kept me sane and the quotation in the heading says it all for me. Youse is all great and in the main, crazy.