Friday, January 11, 2008


No, not one resolution to be made and broken. I did have an intention which doesn't really count and that got ripped to shreds yesterday.

I was going to try and be very patient with Mother. I wasn't going to yell or be drawn into having words with her. I was going to be so relaxed and cool.

Yesterday was very hot so I was out early to do her shopping, no problems there until I got home. "Just leave the wire door open will you. I want to bring in the card tables and put them in the laundry".

These are card tables, fold up the legs tables, old type tables which weigh a tonne. This is a little old lady who can barely stagger around holding herself up. She intends to put both tables on top of the walker and take them to the laundry, negotiating four, that is FOUR doors through which they won't fit.

I'm not sure if asking if your mother is fecking batshit insane qualifies as yelling or being impatient. I'd hate to think I'd broken an intention so soon into the new year.


Andrew said...

Reminds me of a childhood neighbour who rode her bike to Chadstone from Oakleigh South, bought a wide Holland blind and rode home with it across her handle bars and caused traffic mayhem in Warrigal Road. The police who intervened took the blind home for her.

Brian Hughes said...

"I'm not sure if asking if your mother is fecking batshit insane qualifies as yelling."

That entirely depends on whether you're asking a psychiatrist or not.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, I love that but it must have been a while ago. These days drivers down Warrigal road would just knock her over.

She's losing it, Fleetwood. This morning she asked me about the card tables because she thought they'd been stolen. When I told her what she was going to do, she said don't be silly I wouldn't be able to lift them.