Thursday, January 10, 2008


I've been going through a mountain of paper trying to gather up all the information on algal blooms and put them in one folder but I keep getting distracted by other sea subjects. I don't know why I gathered so much on rogue waves in the first place but it's certainly interesting.

"Taken aboard the SS Spray (ex-Gulf Spray) in about February of 1986 (best recollection), in the Gulf Stream, off of Charleston.
Circumstances: A substantial gale was moving across Long Island, sending a very long swell down our way, metting the Gulf Stream. We saw several rogue waves during the late morning on the horizon, but thought they were whales jumping. It was actually a nice day with light breezes and no significant sea. Only the very long swell, of about 15 feet high and probably 600 to 1000 feet long. This one hit us at the change of the watch at about noon. The photographer was an engineer (name forgotten), and this was the last photo on his roll of film.
We were on the wing of the bridge, with a height of eye of 56 feet, and this wave broke over our heads. This shot was taken as we were diving down off the face of the second of a set of three waves, so the ship just kept falling into the trough, which just kept opening up under us. It bent the foremast (shown) back about 20 degrees, tore the foreword firefighting station (also shown) off the deck (rails, monitor, platform and all) and threw it against the face of the house. It also bent all the catwalks back severely. Later that night, about 1930, another wave hit the after house, hitting the stack and sending solid water down into the engine room through the forced draft blower intakes."

"It was actually a nice day with light breezes and no significant sea". Right, a cruise is off the holiday menu as of now.


Brian Hughes said...

Febuary 1986? That'd be the morning I tore off my corsets and went for a dip in the ocean then. Rogue wave engima solved.

Middle Child said...

no mater when it was I just get seasick...felt seasick looking at the photo!!!

JahTeh said...

Mysterious iceberg sinks Titanic! Exactly how old are you Fleetwood?

Therese you should try putting it up as desktop wallpaper, terrifying. Some idiot took me out fishing in a small boat once, the nausea, headache, sunburn and I couldn't look a fish in the fins for years. I get sick in planes too but since I usually pass out in fear, I'm okay.

Ann O'Dyne said...

I read tha

bvut today I had my hand in the horse's water trough wwhen my shoulder touched the electric fence

so I feel much weirder now than I usually do.

JahTeh said...

Annie O what a shame you don't have a webcam, you could go out and do it again for our extreme amusement. Did your hair stand on end?

Brian Hughes said...

"Exactly how old are you Fleetwood?"

I'm a little bit younger than my hair and a little bit older than my teeth.

R.H. said...

Miss Brownie o'dyne highglass you are a drunk!