Sunday, February 24, 2008


I washed under the stove, no not a highlight. It wasn't for the Club Med for spiders I wiped out.

I disturbed a cockroach who promptly disappeared, slippery little cocker.

After all that I need a cuppa, Earl Grey, Fairtrade which apparently is anything but.

I lit the gas.

Cockroach was sitting on the hob.

No wonder he disappeared. Apollo 13 slingshotting around the moon had nothing on this beast.

A minute's silence now. He's dead. 508 million more to go.


Brian Hughes said...

"I washed under the stove."

It's a lot less cramped if you use the bathroom sink like most sensible people.

JahTeh said...

But, but, but where would I keep the coal?

phil said...

In the spoon, as per your previous post. Plus you'll have something to stir it with.

Andrew said...

Spoon rest? Where is that? A bar used to have a 'drink schnapps from the go go boi dancer's navel' prize. Clearly I would not be allowed to win as I quite like pepper schnapps. Ouch!

Jayne said...

Dear lord you need a medal for venturing under the stove, isn't that where Bin Laden is rumoured to be roasting his buns?

JahTeh said...

Phil, still with us and not in a leaky boat in Rockhampton. You're going to have to stop dancing, Qld's had enough rain.

Andrew, my kind of bar. A fine old port is best for navel drinking and one advantage of getting old is the drops get caught in the wrinkles.

Jayne, it's another of those tasks that gets a gold star on the calender. I was genius to have a flexible hose fixed to the gas pipe so I can roll the stove out for easy cleaning. Tip no. 2 for a clean oven, leave all the baking dishes inside. It's such a pain to take them out you'll never use it.

Kirsten said...

That number 2 tip, that's clever!

So what'sthis about fairtrade, anything by fair? What have I been missing?

JahTeh said...

Kirsten, I've got the link but the URL goes on for miles so go to and type Fairtrade into the search box. It's the rich get richer and the poor get screwed as usual.