Sunday, February 24, 2008


No, not much, stuff all actually.

Stargate Atlantis is back without fanfare so I missed half of it by not reading the tiny tiny print in the TV guide.

My mother is into her 28th personality change.

My BBQ was cancelled for today.

Numb3rs is back, David Krumholtz makes maths so sexy.

I made a new jewell box. Just what I need another dust catcher.

I made a new dress for summer just in time to get out the winter woollies for today.

I keep walking out of my new shoes. Please, someone, Blundstones, make them in pastels.

I have raspberry ripple ice-cream for tea and I'm not sharing it.........not even Krumholtz.

I could use him as a dish. blokes are handy for that. They have a spoon rest.


Brian Hughes said...

"I could use him as a dish. blokes are handy for that. They have a spoon rest."

Only the flat headed ones that you seem to prefer.

JahTeh said...

As for flat headed, only the ones I hit with a brick. Oh sorry, which head on which end were you talking about?

Jealous cause I didn't mention you. I'm not eating expensive ice-cream off a chest full of cat hairs.

Brian Hughes said...

Those aren't cat hairs. They're all mine. I've spent years cultivating them into a tough, bristly thicket so that one day I can have the word 'WELCOME' chiselled into it and fulfil my dream of becoming a proper doormat.

Ozfemme said...

they have a spoon rest? Where? I've never noticed a spoon rest.... *blinks*

*reads comments already left*

oh, you guys are funny.

*still isn't sure exactly where the spoon rest is*

But the towel rail... I know all about the towel rail!

River said...

Nice to meet another Stargate Atlantis fan. I haven't seen all of the series, just a few episodes here and there, but I'll catch up with it. As my daughter buys the season collections, she lends them to me. I prefer the SG-1, I have the whole set from season 1 to 10. Drooling here at the thought of raspberry ripple icecream.

River said...

And I know where the spoon rest is........

JahTeh said...

River, you've just become my BFF almost because I don't share my ice-cream with anyone. Please tell me that you also like Babylon 5 and Farscape. I always take a man's measure by his spoon rest.

Bella, towell rail? You have a much higher standard of measure than a spoon rest. A towell rail would be handy but what about a hat stand?

Dear Fleetwood, I hope that day comes soon. The thought of tiptapping across the doormat of my dreams in blundstones is almost on a par with raspberry ripple.

Ozfemme said...

In pastel coloured blundstones too, Mr Hughes!

River said...

I LOVE Farscape and the Peacekeeper Wars movie that followed. I have the entire set. I also love Firefly and the Serenity movie that followed. got that set too. Babylon 5? Saw a bit of it at my daughter's house once but it didn't really "grab" me........

JahTeh said...

Bella, I may have the solution for the shoes, a piece of black elastic across the back and stitched to the sides. That should stop me walking out of them. I am a genius. I still wouldn't mind a pair of Blunnies in burgundy though.

River,B5 is a complete story so it really can't be viewed piecemeal.
Loved Serenity and Firefly but I can only view them on the computer until I get a TV that's young enough to take the DVD player. I'm looking forward to the next Indiana Jones film due out in May.

Brian Hughes said...

I had to look Blundstones up. The appear to be similar to Doctor Martens. Witchy trampling about on my chest in heavy pastel-coloured boots. I'm sure there's websites about that sort of thing out there somewhere.

As for the spoon rest, it's where you're going to put the used lollipop sticks that worries me.

JahTeh said...

"101 uses for a trampled antiquarian".

"101 hiding places on a trampled antiquarian".

Brian Hughes said...

"101 uses for the various nooks, crannies and recesses of an overweight antiquarian, featuring Osama bin Laden and Lord Lucan."