Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Valentine's Day and Plush Toys. What a horrible combination of memories this dredges up. I mean I quite like old 'Eeyore' up there and always preferred him to Pooh the bear with very little brain. But the very little brain I married gave me a plush toy for our first Valentine's Day.

I should have changed my name and moved overseas the minute I received this fabulous token of his affection (or derangement).

I have not forgotten trying to get home in a train carrying a two and a half foot high plush elephant. You know the saying, "ignore the elephant in the room", well try ignoring a fluorescent pink elephant accented with fluorescent green ears and feet on a crowded train.

Donations of Krug Champagne for a Valentine's Day tipple will be gratefully accepted. I will supply the pink elephants.


Brian Hughes said...

That's a Disney Eeyore! It's an insult to the genius of A. A. Milne and E. H. Shephard. It should, therefore, be set alight and left on the steps of the American Embassy by way of demanding that the U.S. of A. stops corrupting British children's literature and transforming it into soulless, homogenic shite.

JahTeh said...

Eeyore reminds me a lot of you. Droopy earred, pessimistic, paranoid and a little bow on his tail.

Ozfemme said...

The Disney version looks like it's on antidepressants.

Brian Hughes said...

Unlike Eeyore, however, my tail isn't detachable...and Disney haven't bastardised my life story yet.

Barney said...

Eeyore is the core of Disney.. the optimism and "screw it" attitude..
he's my hero..

"Ho Hum.. the wind blew my house over again, guess I will rebuild it"

He's my fav!!!!

JahTeh said...

He's a very depressed donkey Oz, always looking on the dark side of life, just like Fleetwood whose tail if it was detachable would form a small island in the middle of the Wyre.

Barney, my fav is the day they gave him a birthday cake and he wanted to know who sat on it. I could really like this plush toy better than some hideous elephant.

Maria said...

I like Eeyore.

Gosh, that's ominous, Witchy. My Mr Coffee gave me a plush toy on my second date. That wasn't a bad sign, was it?

Analysis from others welcomed.

(It wasn't a pink elephant, and I didn't have to struggle to bring it home, so perhaps them's are the pluses)

R.H. said...


I'd take on the struggle to bring YOU home baby!


JahTeh said...

Maria, there are plush toys and there are "plush toys". The elephant was completely unlovable and the damn thing never wore out until the kids left it in the rain one night and it went mouldy.

Robbert, you are not just wearing your heart on your sleeve, you're carrying it round in a bucket. You'll spread yourself thin on Valentine's Day. Poem's still up at Sills Bend.

R.H. said...

She knows I'm not kidding.

R.H. said...

She's ordinaire, came from nothing: mum, dad, and little brother.

Literature made her great.

prude said...

If you had been given Squawk you would have had a different experience, I thinks. I cannot thinks of her as a plush toy. A comrade first, a confidante, a fellow fighter of missions, a friend.

Plush toy indeed.

prude said...

I remember seeing a "Hello Kitty Ghoul" toy and thinking that would be a rather fun plush toy to own. That was, a Hello Kitty plush toy, in a black witch's costume, with a green face.

I still wouldn't mind one.

prude said...

I is bringing out prude's dark side!

Perhaps youse, Copperwitch, would like a Hello Kitty Witch/Ghoul friend?