Friday, March 07, 2008


After nearly two months of saying how she'd like to have the house to herself again, she's getting her wish.

BrickOutHouse is going away with his girlfriend for the long weekend.

So she's ramping up for a decent old whinge.

We've left her all alone, in pain, without being able to even get a meal.

My sister has just given her the meal I prepared on Thursday, one of several.

The pain hasn't stopped her from raiding the fridge and scoffing down half a bucket of ice-cream.

I refuse to walk over tomorrow in 32 degree heat and sit there while she sleeps or like today, while she doesn't sleep.

Whatever we do, it's not what she wants unless it's her idea. Someone should tell her that slavery was abolished.

Once again, apologies to everyone who really likes their mother because I don't give a flying fruitbat about mine.


Brian Hughes said...

Parents aren't supposed to get along with their children. Both parties are meant to put up with each other begrudgingly. Otherwise we'd end up like those American families where years of repressed bickering finally erupt in a spray of bullets.

Andrew said...

If you didn't care for her, you would have stuck her in a government funded home long ago. I am curious. She is difficult now, but is there some bitter history?

Lord Sedgwick said...

Pity Bron the Bishop/Actress isn't still in charge of kero baths, coz I have a packet of 'Redheads' which would solve your problem.

... and if it's of any consolation (of course it's not, I know that!) my mad mother is getting very close (about 2 phone calls away) to meeting my friend 'Babe Ruth', the home run baseball bat.

dysthymiac said...

me too .. here I am ... just the same as your "Once again, apologies to everyone who really likes their mother because I don't give a flying fruitbat about mine" .. mine's dead. I hope.

good luck with yours..

JahTeh said...

Fleetwood is right. I blame American TV shows for all this loveydovey family shite when the world model should be dysfunctional, loopy, mad as March hares pommy aristos.

Problem is Andrew, she demands we look after her, which we do, but she wants us to do it her way and at her convenience. We're doing it but the 'with love' ran out some time ago.

Well that's it, M'Lord. I suggest we start a chapter of 'Mothers Anonymous' and run it along the lines of 'Strangers on a Train'.

JahTeh said...

You can only be sure Dys, if someone staked her heart on the way to the chapel. I'll be looking over my shoulder for at least a year.

Jayne said...

Think your mother has taken the old saying a bit too far "Avenge yourself - live long enough to be a burden to your kids".
My Dad swears by it ( and I swear at it!)

JahTeh said...

No Jayne, her reasoning is that this is what you have kids for, slavery. "After all the things I've done for you girls, the least you can do (insert current moan)"
We're making a list of what she did and what we're doing, I think we're ahead.

River said...

Heh, those were my mum's favourite words too (after all I've done for you)along with "I'll remember that" everytime we said or did something she didn't like. And she bloody well DID remember too. When I was 50 she told someone about something I'd said and done when I was 4........
I've inherited her memory and can remember lots of things she told me, many of which I later found out to be lies.

Middle Child said...

She must have been "difficult" when you were a kid to be such a harridan now...or is it dementia or both?