Thursday, March 06, 2008


The ex-husband was on the phone to my mother this morning for an hour.

Okay given Ma's wonky sense of time, it could have been 10 minutes.

She said she didn't tell him anything about me.

He told her all about his new business venture but didn't mention The Blonde.

He might have rung because he remembered her birthday.

She can't remember what day it is so God knows what she did tell him.

I've got a lot of 'why?' questions running through my head.

Must distract myself. Look look look, my sister's bought an LCD television.

Why would he ring someone he referred to as "The mother-in-law from Hell"?

He probably picked up on the good vibes from Sunday and thought he'd ruin my mood. Damn it's working.


Andrew said...

So will you be visiting your sister more often in the immediate future?

Ampersand Duck said...

heaven forbid, but he wouldn't be reading the blog, would he?

Brian Hughes said...

Might be angling for a cash investment for his new business venture. I've telephoned your Mum before now when I've been a bit strapped.

Ozfemme said...

He's up to something. They always are, you know.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, don't they have a gorgeous picture quality. She had it on 10HD yesterday showing a program on Mt. St.Helens and the other Cascade volcanoes. I was hooked.

Duckie, that's a terrible thought but I always make sure he thinks I'm computer illiterate. Another reason not to go near facebook which is why my account is de-activated.

Considering that he left me with no money at all, that would be a joke. Not a single cent and then went for half the house. He didn't have a chance and it's mine, all mine.

I know you're right Bella. I can't figure out what and Ma tells me this morning she did tell him I've turned the house into a palace. I was so stunned I almost got up and washed the dishes.

dysthymiac said...

change her phone number.

Andrew said...

They certainly do have a clear picture. I see pimples in surprising places.

JahTeh said...

I would love to Dys, but he works nearby and might visit instead. Creep.

Andrew, why did the word 'pron' pop into my mind then?

Andrew said...

Actually, never watched pron on our tv. I am too cheap to buy a pron dvd and can't be bothered learning how to convert internet pron to dvd.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, what a waste of a finely tuned picture, to you not me. I prefer love in the mist.