Thursday, April 17, 2008


I just love karma.

I thought when the house two doors up went for $550,000 that the Blight might read about it and choke.

Now one down the road, one that doesn't back on to the ritzy golf course, is up for auction for $490,000 to $560,000 and it's not much bigger than my place.

When himself pissed off with the Blonde he undervalued this house for the property settlement which ended up being all mine anyway.

I hope he still reads the Real Estate results and chokes.

It's true that money doesn't mean a thing but real estate is forever.

I hope he chokes.


Brian Hughes said...

Of course, you do realise that your insurance is about to go through the roof as well then.

Andrew said...

Never mind the insurance, just wait for the next council valuation. Maybe not so gleeful in victory over your fellow man :-P

Lord Sedgwick said...

'snot karma .. 'tis schadenfreude, the one readily usable warm inner glow thing that the Krauts have come up with. (Other than lederhosen, that is.)

Bwca said...

sigmund freud,
me brain's freud.
The point is clear:
House prices are ridiculous.

When I bought 3 Davies St Brighton for $17K in 1972, the median house-price in Melbourne was $14,000; now the identical WB CalBung neighbour at 5 Davies St East Brighton IS OFFERED AT $1,150,000

Ozfemme said...

He doesn't have you.

May he never truly know what he's missed.

So if he thinks he's lost money on the house

let him

You're worth way more.

Jayne said...

Ex-hubbys, pfft!
Just wiggle your pinkie and tell him to choke on that lol ;)

Got a puzzle question for you over on my blog today.

JahTeh said...

Not if I don't get a valuation Fleetwood.

Andrew, I keep a lovely overgrown garden and an unpainted gate so as long as I don't improve anything the valuation will be land only. Considering the huge raise councils just voted themselves they'd have a cheek upping the rates of a destitute pensioner.

It's what they say Sedg, location, location. I'm sitting in the middle of the best location and I'm not moving.

I have to say Bella, he probably does know what he missed, a "Tontine-ing" in the middle of the night or a carving knife at the dinner table.

Thanks Jayne, I had no idea what the last puzzle was.

River said...

I'm in two minds about the real estate prices. For friends and family who own a house or mortgage I'm happy that their homes have such good values. For myself I'm not at all happy that house prices are now so far out of my reach I'll never ever have a home of my own (without winning lotto). I'm doomed to rent...

Middle Child said...

Meoo! My sister is in your situation and after her horriblness got his hands on more than half her super and half her house which she paid for, after he tried to kill her...she was left with just enough to buy a house in a rough area with low resale... but now its becomming trendy... I hope he chokes, but he doens't know where she is sO I'll just throw my venom onto yours and hope yours chokes for him. Poor bugger is going to be nursing till she's 65 just to own it...a nd he's retired as usual.

JahTeh said...

It's a moral dilemma, River. I think all these huge McMansions are forced on people who have to buy the house and land package because developers are the only ones who can afford the land prices.

Therese, your sister wins the prize for worst ex and everyone knows retired old farts die early.

Maria said...

I'm fine with karma, so long as it doesn't come n the form of an email saying "send on to fifteen friends and back to me and you will be BLESSED don't break the chain" with a whole lot of cheesy sayings or emoticons. How many of those have I received ???

JahTeh said...

Maria, I ditch those straight away as I'm not superstitious.

*sneaks away to howl at the full moon*