Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A team has dug down to an older layer of stones at Stonehenge and speculates that it was a place of healing.
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Brian Hughes said...

I'm saying nothing other than the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of prehistoric henges in Britain, most of them more interesting and archaeologically informative than Stone Henge. I suppose they've got to come up with some stupid new theory now in order to justify yet another pointless excavation at the site and the enormous waste of public money that entails.

Jayne said...

"a place of healing" ?
Not for their backs, it aint :P

Lord Sedgwick said...

That's not Stonehenge. That's Alexander Flemming's petri dish.

JahTeh said...

If there are more interesting henges then why the big deal about Stonehenge? It is about money, the whole thing is being filmed for Timewatch. Now, Fleetwood, you being an antique, sorry antiquarian, do you think they were healing sites or killing grounds or space ports?

Jayne, we'll probably never see the programme here so we won't know what kind of healing they meant.

Sedgwick, you could use some healing for that lousy sense of humour.

Brian Hughes said...

To be honest Witchy I think they were probably just big buildings...possibly market places, possibly temples. I honestly don't know.

One thing's for certain, they weren't calanders. Seriously...a group of yokel dokel farmers lugging all that stone around and constructing a massive henge like that just so they'd remember when to plant their crops? Surely a piece of wood with a few marks etched onto it hung from the privy door would have sufficed.

One henge theory (however outlandish) is as worthwhile/worthless as another in my opinion. I don't believe. I don't not believe. I'm an awkward, but logical, sod.

JahTeh said...

It must have meant something big for all that effort so I'm going for a space port, ET's been and gone.

Soulonice said...

Most likely handicapped parking for the space aliens.