Tuesday, April 22, 2008


On Sunday as the HouseBwca and I were enjoying the cocktail hour, I thought I saw something flash across the hallway but the Bwca, looking through the bottom of a glass at the time, was inclined to think it was the shadow of a bird outside.

WRONG! Never rely on the word of a Bwca who's just tossed down a G&T.

I saw the same flash last night and then the little rodent shot out from behind the Tele and headed straight up the inside of the space heater. There's an enormous amount of space behind the bricks but I don't know how it got inside from the outside. So now there's a moral dilemma of freezing to death in winter or incinerating a furry family. Problem solved (I hope) by banging a shoe very loudly on the heater surround and sending them packing.

I've heard from Davo of Wombat's Waffles and he's hoping to get a post up in the next few days so keep checking. The caravan is working out well but internet connection is restricted to when he visits the town.


Bwca said...

The mouse is no longer hiding in the heater, so turn it on without guilt.
As it happens, I can see a mouse clearly right now - it is outside in the violets and must be a native mouse because the the fur inside of its' ears is white.
There are about 160 different types of native rodent in Australia.
Good Luck with your Mickey.

Jayne said...

Very hard to tell a native from a garden variety rodent at times!
Fingers crossed it finds a warm something somewhere outside to move into and leaves the heater vacant!

Lord Sedgwick said...

"There are about 160 different types of native rodent in Australia."

So many native rodents. So few really good recipes.

JahTeh said...

What violets?
It was moving too fast to see the whites of its ears.
I'm gonna have to buy a bigger cat.

Jayne, I keep giving the surround a bang with a boot just to keep them uncomfortable.

"160 different types of native rodent"
You would eat relatives M'Lord?

Lord Sedgwick said...

Coincidently I'm about 4 hours away from boarding a train to the 'rat ... armed to the teeth with weapons of maternal mass destruction.

(BTW don't forget about fixing the jury for me.)

Brian Hughes said...

That wasn't a mouse. That was Sedgwick planting his latest hidden upskirts cam.

JahTeh said...

Aha, the eyes, I remember now. You can ask the brownie if what I blog is only half of the things that happen. Leave the bat at home, that's pre-meditation.

Now I get it Fleetwood, he's the one sending those emails about the nudie videos. Vile beast.

Anonymous said...

Incinerate the rodents, I say. Most likely they're smart enough to evacuate before the heater gets hot enough to kill them.

AvianMaven said...

you can get ultrasonic deterrents which are good at keeping rodents out. Also space heaters are dangerous, try flat panel heater instead, more energy efficient and less risk of fire. Check out Bird-X and Indus-Tool.

JahTeh said...

OoC, If I start singing they'll be moving next door.

Avianmaven, ultrasonic deterrent is my singing. Flatpanels cost money and I like the bright flame in winter. It's one of the downsides of not having any cats left in the house.

Middle Child said...

I lay down about 6 mouse traps nightly as they invade from the creek nightly and eat everything if I let them go...don't like doing it but kinder than poison.

JahTeh said...

Now since you live on Craggy Island Therese, those have to be native mice not commen garden city critters. What about native rats?

Helen said...

The other day I lit the gorilla to make some crumpets, or something, there was a scrabbling sound and a poor little mouse came shooting out of the back of the gorilla, saw me, screeched to a stop = if it had been human it would have thrown up its arms at that point and gone "Aaaaaaargh" That's how it looked - then disappeared again down the back.

Of course I turned the gorilla off then got the straw broom and brushed the little critter out. He ran away so fast he didn't appear to be seriously harmed =- well psychologically maybe.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Must get in here quickly before Hughes steals the best lines.

"a poor little mouse came shooting out of the back of the gorilla"

And the gorilla said, "That was no mouse, that was my hemorrhoid."

(Slinks off shamefaced ... errr ... shamebottomed.)