Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It's not my fault, blame Lad Litter and his temptation of the Meme Queen. They're left overs from another meme that went on forever and which I took seriously but not today.

Five weird things about me, to go with the other hundred or so I've posted here over the years.

1. If I was a monument.....I would be the pyramids, the big pyramids not those piddling little ones hanging about all over Egypt. I'd still have the glittering limestone tops, you know how I love bling.

2. If I was a poem.....I'd be the Odyssey. Ancient Greeks, Gods on high, Trojan women and revenge. Homer certainly knew how to string out a story.

3. If I was a landmass.....I'd be Hawaii. Surrounded by ocean and volcanic by nature. It's no coincidence that the Goddess Pele had long red hair. I'd wear green and have orchids in my hair and know what happens in the last series of 'Lost'.

4. If I was a sea animal.....(not a whale) I'd be an otter. Floating around on my back in the water eating my dinner off my chest seems like a good way to pass the time. Of course, I could also be a voluptuous mermaid, singing my siren songs to lure luscious young sailors to my waiting hands but that'd be fishy not animal.

5. If I was a taste......I'd be delicious and you can fill in whatever delicious rings your bell.


JahTeh said...

Getting in before that nitpicking antiquarian lobs, if you took all the Hawaiian islands and lumped them together they would make a mass.

Jayne said...

Fun meme lol :)

Brian Hughes said...

If I was a monument I'd be one of the lions at the base of Nelson's column...i.e. I'd never get up and I wouldn't give a shit.

If I was a poem I'd be Jabberwocky...i.e. unintelligable and pointless.

If I was a landmass I'd be antarctica...i.e. big, white and nobody wants to go there.

If I was a sea animal I'd be an otter...i.e. good at catching crabs.

If I was a taste I'd be cigarette smoke...i.e. bad for people and lingering but I'd soon clear all the boring pillocks out of a room and leave only the interesting, couldn't-give-a-stuff-for-convention types behind.

And if I was Hawaii I'd be suing.

JahTeh said...

Fleetwood, you'd be white all right, those pidgeons would have a field day, Nelson is such a small target.