Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Myself: The keeping pile of New Scientist is getting bigger than the throw outs.

Me: Why don't you think outside the square?

Myself: Shuttup.

Me: Scanning from the whole magazine is making the pages wonky.

Myself: Shuttup.

Me: If you tear out the pages you want scanned you could throw out the magazines now.

Myself: ?

Me: Then you would only have one small box of papers to catergorize before scanning and you could do that in bed, in comfort.

Myself: *Thinking*

Me: Why are you thinking when it's a great idea?

Myself: Because I hate knowitalls.

Me: Some people always have to do things the hard way.

Myself: Shuttup!


Brian Hughes said...

Hope you're keeping the article about split personality syndrome. (Got a suspicion that 'I' might want to chuck it out though, much against 'Me' and 'Myself's better judgement.)

JahTeh said...

Love New Scientist, especially September 13, 2003 where there's a smashing photo of waves crashing into one of Fleetwood's terribly modern electric transports. I've sent it on to Andrew for his archives. I looked at it very closely but there wasn't a shaggy head smoking a cig out of the window.

Brian Hughes said...

That wouldn't be Fleetwood, Witchy. The trams run down the main street in Fleetwood. They'd have to be bloomin' big waves to get over the Mount on the seafront (not mention to the 20 foot cliff face below the promenade) and travel the quarter of a mile required to reach the tracks. It was probably just one of the locals bursting.

Ozfemme said...

That made complete sense to me.

I'm someone who can hear food talking however.

I'm just saying....

River said...

Me & Myself often have similar conversations, sometimes "I" join in, then there's usually an argument which ends in piles of stuff being unceremoniously dumped only to find Me furtively scrabbling around in the bin looking for "that" article.

JahTeh said...

I tell you the damn thing has 'Fleetwood' written on the front/back and I've sent it to Andrew and Jayne for confirmation.
*blows raspberry at pom*

Bella, food doesn't talk, it seduces, beguiles, ambushes and all in silence.

River, you understand me and myself. It's such a trial to throw anything out but I'm being strong. It's amazing though how technology has advanced in five years while I've gone backwards at least ten.

Brian Hughes said...

In that case, it'll be a tram on it's way to Fleetwood. There's not much point in having a destination sign on the front of a tram if it's already got there. By the time they reach Fleetwood, the driver's usually cranked it round with his little handle so that it reads 'Bispham' or 'Norbeck' or some other such watering place.

Bwca said...

Where is it written that they have to be 'thrown out'?

Keep them handy for throwing at the mouse.

Did you know that the inhabitants of Fleetwood were "locked in by The Cod Wars" ?

thought not.
Cod can be a very violent fish.

Brian Hughes said...

"Cod can be a very violent fish."

That's true Annie...but we Lancastrians taught them to know their plaice.

Jayne said...

Found the news article confirming it was the Golden Mile at Blackpool that got flooded,with the tram being towed to safety from Blackpool's seafront
Put down the cod and back away from the fish slowly, Brian :P

Brian Hughes said...

"Put down the cod and back away from the fish slowly, Brian."

Never! I need a heleicopter now, or the fish has haddock!

Jayne said...

You're just scaring us with that cod for the halibut :P

Ozfemme said...

oh for cod's sake, you two..

Middle Child said...

Who wond that blue?

JahTeh said...

And the Gold Logie goes to Jayne for investigative blogging. Brilliant, I knew you'd come through.

Funny bastards. I go away for two days and a full on comedy festival starts up.