Sunday, May 11, 2008


This image from NASA showed the ash plume from the eruption had passed over Argentina to extend over the Atlantic Ocean.

This is inside Chaiten. A 1000 metre high lava dome within a caldera about 2.5 kilometres wide and 4 kilometres long.

Here the ash plume has soared 12 kilometres into the air. Scientists now believe the eruption is at the critical point where the ash column could collapse quickly, generating pyroclastic flows down the sides of the volcano or it might subside gradually and do little damage. The ash has already contaminated ground water across Chile and Argentina and the army has forcibly evacuated the civilian population from the possible fall-out area.


Andrew said...

It would seem that they had to leave their pets behind. The army is supposed to go in and feed the pets and rescue them. Chilean army being caring and sharing sounds so wrong to me.

Jayne said...

It seems wrong of me to think of this display of Mother Nature's power as majestic and awe-inspiring when so many people are going to be homeless and without water.

JahTeh said...

They had to leave all livestock behind Andrew. In one news report the dogs and donkeys were roaming the streets and it reminded me of Wil Smith's film "I am Legend". They'll get any cattle out, they're money.

Chaiten village looks like it will be un-inhabitable but further out it depends on how much ash falls and what chemical compostition it is. There have been a lot of big eruptions this year right around the rim of the Pacific.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, here's a site for the Feral Beast if he wants to look up how many earthquakes Australia has each month.

Feral Beast said...

I'm surprised it can be seen from space.

hip said...

Sigh. Gaia's just hoisting a little pink parasol.

We'll have to wait for the numbers on this one, but Pinatubo (the biggest event in 100 years) cooled the planet by around 0.24°C and took five years to clear. I can just hear Bolt and the coal miners as the temperature drops. . . It will come back with a vengeance but we don't really have the five years to diddle around with.

Hiya jahteh, being a nominal waste of space, I promise to behave.

Brian Hughes said...

I don't know. First it was photographs of John Precott sparking up his farts. Now it's images of Dawn French dropping her camisoles and letting one rip. The stench of sulpher is creeping steadily round the internet.

Jayne said...

Thanks for that, Jahteh, that's a great site :)
He's trying to kick me off the 'puter already, the little bugger!

River said...

Australia has earthquakes? I thought that rumbling and shaking was from people running/galloping to catch the bus that wasn't supposed to arrive for another five minutes, but here it is and there it goes, dammit!

JahTeh said...

River, every time some idiot says we can bury nuclear waste here because it's stable, I go and see how many earthquakes we've had in the last month. No place on earth is stable.

Earthquake in China today, Fleetwood sinking into the sea tomorrow.

Hi Hip, Gaia is certainly getting pissed off. Behave? On this blog, you'd be the only one.

Feral Beast, Here is the site for such goodies,
now go and kick Mum off the 'puter.