Sunday, May 11, 2008


I found the photo under a pile of blogfodder that was misplaced during all the moving of tables and computers etc.
My sister actually received this on Christmas Day, a record for my gift making and giving.
The rug is usually done on a No 3. crochet hook but I thought I'd save time and use a 3.50 hook. It doesn't save time and it uses more wool and it doesn't look quite the same. So for the next rug, in progress, it's back to the No 3. The 'in progress' rug was also supposed to be for last Christmas but there's always another Christmas in front of me.
The main colour is off-white in a silk/wool blend which was easy to crochet. I had to hand it over determined never to think of what Sister will do if it ever gets dirty. I made that decision after I watched her jam a wool filled doona into her washing machine and put it on 'Hot Wash'.
This is my favourite rug to crochet but not to make up. Crocheting 600 of these little squares together is a real pill but it lasts forever and I like to use pure wool. It's called a 'Jewell' blanket and made with a main colour of black it looks like tiny stained glass windows.
I keep saying this will be the last one I make but I can't resist the oddment baskets at any wool shop. The little blob at the top which is clearer if you click is a patchwork chicken. Next Christmas project because we didn't get to it this Christmas. I've bought all the fabric, got the pattern now to remember to start in October, when I've finished this rug.


Brian Hughes said...

"My sister actually received this on Christmas Day, a record for my gift making and giving."

You could have at least sent your own sister something more practical than a photograph.

JahTeh said...

She'd have put that in a hot wash as well. Just for the nitpickyness, you won't get a chicken for Christmas. I was planning to make yours waterproof and fill it full of Aussie beer.

River said...

Beautiful rug. Just the sort of thing I asked my mum to make for me.(She did ask first if I wanted her to make something for me). I chose to have mine with the black background.She went home from her visit and several letters over the months mentioned the progress of the rug. when she finally sent it to me, it was ABSOLUTELY nothing like what I'd requested. She'd made something "easier".

Jayne said...

How do you crochet the little squares together?
I always end up with a lumpy stitch line that looks nothing like the graceful continuation of the crochet motif like yours so, hence, I do the huge squares.

JahTeh said...

River, believe me, you can't get any easier than the pattern of this one. It takes me about a week to remember it and two weeks for the hands to stop hurting when I start.

Way to go Jayne, make me think. I like this rug on the wrong side for a start (rug in photo is the right side) and I just use a double crochet and it does leave a lumpy line which I press out. That, by the way, is not how you're supposed to do it. You're supposed to block it on a flat surface (like the carpet)with the heat of your hand over a damp cloth. All these years and I just find that out.

Brian Hughes said...


It's become a tradition in our house (established in 1905 when we were young and poverty opposed to old and poverty stricken like we are nowadays) to have bangers and mash on Christmas day. The bangers are filled with scotch.

Ozfemme said...

It's gorgeous. I wish I had skills like that...

JahTeh said...

I'm not even going to ask how you fill a banger with Scotch. (run with that Sedgwick)

Don't be envious Bella, this is the only pattern I've been able to read so it will be the only one I'll ever do.