Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This is a glacier cave in the Greenland Ice Sheet. The caves are made when seasonal meltwater or geothermal vents cut fissures and channels through the ice.
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Yes, it is Bombay Blue and no, I don't have a glass by the computer. It's a coincidence that's all.


Brian Hughes said...

I thought for a moment there it was a surgical photograph of John Prescott's colon exploration.

Jayne said...

Awesome photo!
The Feral Beast shall be spelunking over there shortly ;)

JahTeh said...

Fleetwood, is John Prescott the one who had an affair with the secretary and his wife stood by him, on him or punched him. I get these promsicuous pommy politicians all mixed up. The only thing Nutty Cherie and I agree on is cutting off balls for that kind of behaviour, not that Tony had that much in the first place.

Jayne, I thought of him immediately. There'll be more than a tench in the backyard if he gets going. Brilliant photography though.

Brian Hughes said...


That's the one. I can't blame his secretary for getting taken in though...just look at the hunky great stud:


Bwca said...

Prescott ? I thought that scandal was Edwina and JohnMajor ... or Kimberly and David Blunkett ...or was it BorisJohnson ... there's so much of it, that I don't think adultery should be a fissure in a pairing, icy or not.

Brian Hughes said...

"I thought that scandal was Edwina and John Major"

That wasn't really a scandal even if he was the prime minister at the time. The pair of 'em are so dull, grey and boring that nobody actually cared.