Saturday, June 07, 2008


Conservative MPs are still attempting to stop Labor passing laws that recognise gay partners in the same way as married couples in public sector superannuation laws. The Coalition has managed to delay this by sending it to a Senate inquiry.

Brendan Nelson and his Coalition want to be seen as defending the institution of marriage.

Yes, it's that Brendan Nelson, the one who ordered $14 million worth of clusterbombs for the military.



Jayne said...

Just when you thought he'd reached the bottom of the barrel, Nelson goes and shows us how much lower he can really go.
I'm assuming the coalition is really wanting some time out of politics for a rest for several decades, hmmm?

JahTeh said...

He's not as bad on this topic as he makes out which is why it annoys me. He's supposed to be the leader but he's still snivelling to the minority religious groups on this issue. Let him stand up and make a mark, it's not like he'll be leading the party to the next election.

Bwca said...

don't get me started on this ...

www.norwatch site says:

"Cluster Bombs
Nevertheless, the greatest sinner among the companies that the Nobel Foundation probably has invested in is the weapons producer Alliant Techsystems, an American producer of components for air-delivered cluster bombs. Because of its cluster bomb production the company has been excluded from, among other things, the governmental Norwegian Petroleum Fund. The Norwegian Ministry of Finance believes that Alliant Techsystems’ cluster bomb production “violates basic humanitarian principles.”

JahTeh said...

Just saw Kev in Japan wanting nuclear disarmament so let's hope he's torn up the order for the cluster bombs or he's a fecking hypocrite along with Nelson.