Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I have a chest infection. The best thing for that is lemon juice, honey and ginger.

But I've developed an allergy to citrus fruit, mainly grapefruit and orange, so it's no citrus for the moment. The rash is clearing up, no grapefruit. The headaches aren't as bad, no grapefruit. Isn't it marvellous, the only things that grow in the garden are the citrus trees.

I went through another diet day unscathed.

My mother rang. She wanted to know who turned 60 last week, her or me. How that woman passed a mental assessment I don't know.


River said...

Lemon juice, honey and ginger, AND GARLIC. Nature's antibiotic.
Apple cider vinegar with the honey and ginger is also good. AC vinegar has so much goodness. I drink at least one glassful everyday. Not a FULL glass of vinegar, a couple of tablespoons mixed with hot water and sweetened with honey.

Brian Hughes said...

"The best thing for that is lemon juice, honey and ginger."

With a large dose of scotch thrown in for good measure.

"Lemon juice, honey and ginger, AND GARLIC. Nature's antibiotic."

Also good for keeping neighbours, friends, family members and anything else with nostrils at bay.

JahTeh said...

River, you're a check-out chick, where does the store garlic come from? Safeway have it from Mexico and it has to be fumigated before being sold. I'm not near a farmer's market for organic garlic.

According to naturapaths, garlic removes impurities from the body so anyone who smells of garlic is in the cleansing process. I hate to think what your Scotch is doing, probably floating on the tar from your fags.

Andrew said...

Won't the lemon juice sting your nips when you rub it on?

Lord Sedgwick said...

"I have a chest infection. The best thing for that is lemon juice, honey and ginger."

Wrong, wrong, wrong! What your chest needs is a vigorous massage from ... I'm far too modest (and excited) to provide a referral but honey if you want some ginger ...

Ampersand Duck said...

Did you bang your head against Andrew's in the rush to get a chesty comment in, Sedge?

Lord Sedgwick said...

Yep, the woman is a bloke magnet, no matter witch side of the not so great divide we perch.

R.H. said...



Sponge Cake Street!



Love Avenue!



Diet Crunch!

Die is in Diet, live is in lunch.


A sponge cake says 'I love you'.

River said...

Brian- not THAT much garlic, just one crushed clove.
Jahteh, most of the garlic comes from China (sad, but true) some from Mexico. At my local fruit shop there is a sign above the garlic stating "This is NOT Chinese garlic." Smaller print tells me that the garlic is from Brazil and that Australian garlic won't be available until the spring. I've planted some of the cloves from my fridge, not sure if it's Brazilian,so by christmas I'll be able to eat that. In the spring I'll buy Australian garlic and make sure I plant out at least two bulbs worth of cloves to keep myself in home-grown australian garlic.

Lord Sedgwick said...

'zackly river. The wonderful old fellow (coincidently is Chinese by background) at my favourite veg and herb stall at the Vic Market filled me in on the issue of *fresh* garlic.

Apparently there's a garlic equivalent of the legendary (once was) Common Market butter mountain in China ... and he said we wouldn't want to know about the chemical processes used to keep them *fresh*.

(Well, I probably DO have some idea, what with shopping at Coles and Safeway on occasions.)

Lord Sedgwick said...

... and fine man that he is, he advised me to do what you intend doing ... grow y'own.

JahTeh said...

Now there's a good name for HighRiser's new blog, SexTitsAndLemons. I'd read it, Sedgwick would wallow in it, Hughes would probably be barred after the first comment.

Sedgwick, you're not coming anywhere near me until you get that tatty beard fumigated.

Duckie, I'm surprised Hughes didn't run both of them down.

Rh, you're killing me. The sponge cake must have passionfruit icing and real cream.

Right, come Spring we all start the great garlic gardening competition. Jayne's barred, she can grow anything. The competition is open to halfwits who kill cactus which puts me in the lead.

Lord Sedgwick said...

See your dead cactus and raise you my dessicated shriveled wheat on the cotton wool in the saucer ... next to Colonel Mustard in the library with a pair of lethal secateurs.

Mind you, I'm a dab hand at growing triffids ...fine vegetable matter which keeps the neighbours from being too nosey.

Middle Child said...

You should have told your mother that she turned 60 and you were 80 and she'd better get it together and start taking care of her ol mum

hope you are better you poor old sock

River said...

Garlic growing is dead easy. Keep some cloves in your fridge until they start to shoot, then plant them just by poking a hole in the ground just a bit deeper than the clove, drop it in, shoot side up of course, cover, then water on a weekly basis for 9-10 months. When the green stems all fall over and look like they're dying dig up your garlic. Hang it somewhere out of the weather to dry. You can use it fresh from the garden too. I never did learn how to make those lovely plaited garlic ropes.

JahTeh said...

Water for 9-10 months? River you must be joking. The only way I'd remember to do that is by planting it in the shower. What about putting it in a pot and putting the pot under a tap? I might remember it that way.

Therese, I lost my voice this afternoon so she told me I shouldn't come over until I get better. This could be the longest infection ever. And thanks to Rh, I had to stagger to the shop and buy lemonade icy-poles. Ignore the Bwca and her salt&vinegar crisps, lemonade icy poles are the go.

I beat you there Sedg, I can grow parsnip tops on a saucer. Comes under the heading of totally useless talents.

sexy said...