Tuesday, August 05, 2008


This is big news.

I have managed to stay on a diet for twenty-four hours.

Why does one small pototo, half a small carrot, 2 Brussell sprouts, 1 shallot and 200 grams of Tofu look like it would feed a small family when it goes on a plate?

Another good day tomorrow then I have to shop on Thursday.

It will be tough.

Why don't cakes come with the kilojoules stamped on the bottom then I could cheat just a little.

It will be tough.


Andrew said...

Don't eat too little Jahteh, you'll never stick to it.

Ann O'Dyne said...

I saw pics of the new slim Randy HRH Andy in The Daily Mail online today. He was chunkin up a bit there a while back, so I guess his Ex must have got him onto her Watch Weighters.

I love tofu cubes saute in chopped garlic and fresh ginger.
I am praying to all the gods for your success dear Coppy.

Brian Hughes said...

"Why don't cakes come with the kilojoules stamped on the bottom..."

Because all the icing sugar and cherries'd fall off in the supermarket every time you wanted to check.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, I have to eat a little just to maintain weight. When I'm left alone with no dramas I can do it easily. My motto...try, try, try.

Annie O, he was after the chicks in a big way and with him, booze equals weight. I love tofu that way especially rolled in a little rice flour to make them crunchy.

Fleetwood, the day I buy one cake instead of a packet will be a miracle. I've just found 4 date scones in the freezer and they've been there a week. I really am in diet mode.

Ozfemme said...

See, the thing with diets is that - well, for me anyway - my body goes, "Oh noes. It's starvation time!" Then it (the body) wants to be fat, because - to the body - being fat means staying alive.

I think it stems back to cavemen days.

So regardless of how little food I put in it or how good I am on the diet, my body devises ways to turn whatever I put into it into fat to be stored. Devious body, one would think but really, it's only doing it to keep me alive. The trick is in convincing the body that being fat is dangerous - for example, if one is fat then one is yummy to predators and when one is fat one can't move quick enough to escape the predators.

So obviously the answer is to introduce man-eating predators to your house. Nothing like a sabre tooth to get the metabolism to sit up and pay attention!

So stick with the healthy food and don't for a second let your body discover that you are on a diet!

River said...

Tofu. Blech!! Can't stand the stuff. I'm planning on a diet. Soon. Maybe. After I eat all the chocolate so it doesn't go to waste. It will go to waist instead I suppose. Not a deprivation diet though. I think I'll just do the portion division, serve my dinner on a side plate so that it LOOKS like a full serve. I've done it before (years ago) and it worked quite well.

JahTeh said...

Bella, I have a mother, remember?
Who needs a predator.

River, I've tried the small bowl thing, it was exhausting getting up to refill it. Tofu is starting to get a bit blech but it's only because I can't be bothered getting creative. I have been having organic chicken once a week but I can't eat red meat, makes me feel yuk.

R.H. said...

Stop this nonsense.


Till you can't see your feet!


Till your mind's on the blink!


Oh great heaven's above!

Dr Stanley if I'm not mistaken
('Scuse me dear is this seat taken?)


Lord Sedgwick said...

I swear by tofu lamingtons, but then again I'm an insatiable potty mouth.

JahTeh said...

Rh, I can't eat now, I have a sore throat from coughing and all I want is a lemonade icy-pole.

Tofu lamingtons! Those two things should never be put together. I love lamingtons with double cream.

River said...

Lamington cake with double cream, decorated with swirls of whipped cream and flaked chocolate.......my next birthday cake.

Lord Sedgwick said...

River, if that's your preferred sweets tipple, then if you survive to your next birthday I'll be surprised.

But then again our Coppertop, the chocolate demon has defied the odds in spades, so what would I know. I barely survived Cream'b'Tweens. (Think I've actually outlived that manna from heaven product, but if it still exiasts I'm wiling to sacrifice my first born for the inside info.)

Lord Sedgwick said...

... excsue my spellign ... I've been playing too much Scrabulous ... BADLY!

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