Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I'm used to saying to people on the phone "Hang on while the plane flies through the lounge room" but today it was really too close.

A kilometre as the crow flies and I did hear both planes go overhead.

I didn't know anything else until my sister rang to tell me one of the nurses saw it come down as she was on her way to work.

Considering how long the airport has been there, there have been few really bad accidents. This one was a freak with two planes so close that one tipped the wing of the other.

It was very close to the school though and witnesses said the pilot tried to get away from it.


Bwca said...

All the Vendors who got good prices last weekend will sigh with relief, and all those with auctions coming up will be wondering how it will affect the value.
I am sad for the parents of the man who died, poor things.

JahTeh said...

I've lived with the planes all my life so don't usually take any notice but the "close the airport" nuts will be out in force. Nobody forced them to buy here and it really was a freak accident.

Andrew said...

Thought of you when I heard, but then realised that you were a bit of a distance away.

Middle Child said...

Thats scary stuff...same in Sydney - as with all airports - just a matter of time... and you are right, the airports were usually there first.

Jayne said...

Yep, the "close the airport" nutters are out in force.
Brumby was on ABC radio saying Moorabbin airport is busier than Melb or Sydney and has a great safety record but that won't shut up the idjits.

R.H. said...

When me and Miz Panz take tea together there will be lots of activity overhead.

Police helicopters, mainly.

R.H. said...


ha ha ha!

For staff at the DANCING DOG!


Faint heart never ate carrot cake.

River said...

I didn't know anything about it until I saw the front page of our Advertiser today. The story is on the channel nine news here right now. They're speculating a language problem might have contributed to the accident.

Ann O'Dyne said...

When I enjoyed the safe haven
Chez Coppy, I liked the planes, but there really was
'one every minute'
so the cause was
1. Learner,
2. Crowded sky.

I hope no sleeping cats, dogs, budgies were killed.

Davo said...

There are "old" pilots, and "bold" pilots - but there are no old bold pilots.

Davo said...

Flying isn't dangerous - getting close to the ground is dangerous.

JahTeh said...

I'm lucky Andrew, there is plenty of open space near me in the ritzy golf course.

Therese, you should see all the big storage factories they've built around the airport taking away the safety barrier, all in the name of profit.

Jayne, it is busier than it used to be because of the helicopters based there now but there are still more car crashes than planes.

More activity than in the bushes, Rh?

I haven't watched the news River, so I haven't heard that yet. It wouldn't surprise me though.

Annie O, the only planes that come that close to each other are the formation flyers that go up on Anzac Day. They were far too close from what I saw on the simulation.

Davo, so right as usual. It is the ground that's dangerous. I knew an old pilot and I mean old who ran into a bus at the airport while taxiing to the runway.

Davo said...

"..and witnesses said the pilot tried to get away from it.

Yer, and they were sitting in the co-pilot's seat as it went down?. Sorry, but conserve suppressed anger for un-informed "witnesses" and "Media speculation".