Monday, October 27, 2008


Does anyone have a good LOLPenguin?


RaMoEL said...

that penguin surely want's to make a change!

for a change!


Lad Litter said...

I wonder if other penguins would look at that and think, "Yeah it does look kinda funny."

Brian Hughes said...

A good Lolita penguin? You're almost as sick as Sedgwick and his Lolita wombats!

JahTeh said...

Well aren't you a dud lot. Where's the sparkling wit, the biting lolspeak?

How about "Coming in on a wing and a prayer", hardly original but pertinent to my Adelie.

Now get to it you slackers, that is lad litter and Hughes, I can hardly insult Ramoel on his first visit.

Brian Hughes said... wanted a caption? Fair about 'Trampolining nun discovers new form of cirrostratus'?

Incidentally come the word verification codes all seem to be spelling actual words here these days rather than just the usual ensemble of mismatched letters?

Ampersand Duck said...

No, but I have a LOLjewel for you... unbelievably tacky but hilarious!

R.H. said...

I've seen two news items this week, one about a dog guarding four kittens in a burning house until they were all rescued, another about three human parasites conning an old woman to leave them her dough instead of the Lort Smith Animal Hospital and a Home for abandoned cats. Work it out.

R.H. said...

And Hughes you BORING MOTHER FUCKING PEDOPHILE LITTLE CUNT I can say whatever I like about you on this blog and never get deleted.

Work that out.

Life As It Is Lived. Vo. XV1

JahTeh said...

Ampersand Duck that is beyond tacky. Although I have to say I did enjoy that ad where the dumb bloke throws them to the kitten to play with.

Very compendable effort,Fleetwood and I haven't noticed the doorbitch being sensible. I'll have a word with the gerbil in charge in case my age and weight comes up.

Rh, I saw the rescue on tele and cried when the little dog checked the kittens and started cleaning them.
Fleetwood he won't get deleted but you may beat the crap out of him should you ever get the chance

R.H. said...

Sydney brothel king Joe Borg got blasted through the roof of his car when he turned the key one fine morning having bequeathed all his dough to the RSPCA.
They got it.

Brian Hughes said...


It was Reuben what did the deleting (as, indeed, he was fully entitled to being it his blog). You know that I always enjoy our little tete a tits.

You stupid cunt.

R.H. said...

You need to think about why I'm never deleted here; it's due to fairness, compassion. This woman has a view wider than yours, wider than mine.
I suspect you really don't care about religion one way or the other. But people like Andrew are crippled, not caring who gets insulted, he hates Christianity that's all. And wants followers.
I don't like homosexuality, but why would I hate homos? Why would I let it block friendship? Andrew should confess his own bigotry, his complete intolerance. Christianity doesn't suit him, because he's a homo. Really? How unfortunate. Have a cry then. If the Christian clergy had any guts they'd have spoken out before the West got so outrageously decadent that Islam wanted to stamp on it.
I'll tell you something, I have never posted anonymously. I wouldn't bother. I'm not afraid.

It's quite the opposite.

JahTeh said...

I see the usual blog stoush and Rh is deleted again. My policy is to let stand a brilliant comment but if one does want to make an arse of oneself, that too will stand.

Robbert, I dislike religion in all its guises because I believe that whatever its good intentions were, they're always corrupted by ambitious and self-serving people.
You can't deny that some of the best people who will help in any way are secular. And I go along with the Bear who says that rabid atheism is a religion in itself.
I believe we are all born with a balance of good and evil, some are able to keep that balance throughout their lives, some can't and some don't want to. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

R.H. said...

And I'm not suggesting it was the RSPCA that put Joe into orbit, they wanted his dough, sure, but it was two fellow Maltese did it, offended by Joe's reluctance to cut them in.

R.H. said...

oh, hello. We crossed, how's that. Yes well there's good folks everywhere, religion doesn't have a monopoly of course and baddies join up. I think it's mighty stupid and very rude to generalise, which is a major failing in the Human Services industry. Saying that anything at all is no good because it happens not to suit you ignores (in religion's case) the selflessness people get from it. Everyone needs to feel humility on regular occasions to know if their works are good works or common shit.

Brian Hughes said...

"I'll tell you something, I have never posted anonymously."

Christ, I hope that's not true. I really hope there isn't another extreme right-wing, fascist bigot like you out there, Robbbbbbbbbbert. One's an irritation. Two is the onset of piles.

R.H. said...

Some of the best people who'll help in any way are also Christian. The secular who'll help are doing a Christian thing. Christ said, when you help someone you're doing it for me.
Spineless little sycophants and no-talent bums get a lift from sneering at Christianity, confident it won't fight back "Me too," they say "Me too, I'm anti Christian!".
They're useless, these people, blown with the wind.

R.H. said...

Hughes I'll tell you truly you are the most irritating boring of people. A repeat, nothing to say. Just look at the inane rubbish you put on Jayne's blog when she was needing encouragement, look at the crap your mate put there as well. I'll tell you, if the people here admitted what they really think of you you'd be utterly crushed. Devastated. It's a measure of your shallowness that you don't see it yourself.

Brian Hughes said...

"Some of the best people who'll help in any way are also Christian."

This is true. Unfortunately you're not one of them. You're just a cunt. A boring, right-wing extremist. A maggot who hurls abuse at people and then runs blubbing to the website owners when people tell him to fuck off.

"...if the people here admitted what they really think of you you'd be utterly crushed."

I doubt that, blubber boy. Unlike you, I have friends in the real world as well.

For some reason I can't figure though, despite the fact that people continually tell you what a talentless, annoying little turd you are, you never seem to get the hint and fuck off. I reckon the only reason that Witchy allows you to keep on commenting is because you stimulate debate. There's nothing like a turd bobbing about in the great swimming pool of life to get everyone talking.

River said...

All of this ^ from one high flying penguin? Huh........

Word verification is aalifted.
airlifted penguin?

R.H. said...

He's upset.

well buttercup if I were a right wing extremist I wouldn't last long here.

sweetiepie I've never hurled abuse then run to website owners, I fight my own battles.

sugarplum I have loads of friends in this real world, that's the inspiration for my colourful comments.

snookums no one has ever told me I'm a talentless annoying little turd, only you. Miss Janteh says I'm a genius. And she's right. Miss Brownie has said I'm the best commenter ever. Miss Beezle is enthralled with me. Miz Panz would wed me tomorrow. But what dame would marry a dud like you?

So where do you get all this nonsense? Who's says it -apart from you?
I wanted to know why you put inane rubbish of Jayne's blog, and your little mate told her to 'have a croissant' in response to a serious problem, a problem that's had her in tears. So where's your answer? Idiot.

Honeybun what I'd really like is for you to stop mentioning RH so often. I can't work out your extraordinary interest in me (would you like a photo of my cock?). What you demonstrate to the world is homos and their "supporters" are not always nice people. And good heavens, what a surprise, same can be said for all of us.

And cutiepie, "There's nothing like a turd bobbing about in the great swimming pool of life..."
ha ha ha. Oh boy.
Darling don't try to be clever.
You're not up to it.

JahTeh said...

River, commendable effort and I nearly missed you being the rose among the thorns down there.

Ann O'Dyne said...

back On Topic ...

"We R In UR Antarctic eating YR krill"

"You'd jump off a cliff too,
if you just found out that your parents were
Hugh Jackman and Nicole KidUrban

Jayne said...

Crikey Moses, Mother of God and Joseph the carpenter!

"I wonder what these things do if I flap them about...?"

Brian Hughes said...

"...if I were a right wing extremist I wouldn't last long here."

We can but hope.

"I have loads of friends in this real world, that's the inspiration for my colourful comments."

Because none of them ever visit you thus giving you plenty of free time to go round the blogs being a twat?

"Miss Brownie has said I'm the best commenter ever."

You need your glasses renewing...I believe what she actually said was that you're the biggest cunt ever.

"what I'd really like is for you to stop mentioning RH so often."

Bugger off then and we'll all stop talking about you immediately.

JahTeh said...

Brilliant O'Dyne, absolutely brilliant.

Jayne I was expecting someone to come up with a crack about dancing with the stars and you will notice the penguin is not holding a cricket bat.