Tuesday, October 14, 2008


These are Cirrus clouds and you can see why their popular name is Mare's Tail. Very high clouds over Glencoe in Scotland and photographed by Frank Howie.
We had them over Cheltenham today and halfway to the matriachal home I sat in the park and watched them. Two days I've spent at the home and it will take tomorrow to calm down then I have to pay her bills and shop on Thursday. It's been too insane to blog about it.
On Thursday South East Water is sending a plumber to see which half of the property has a blockage in the sewerage pipes. We sold the backyard nearly 20 years ago but the main sewerage connection is on the other half. I was surprised that SE Water was right on the ball and brought up the computer records for May 2006 to show where the last blockage was. The thing is now, they don't have their own plumbers but a company that will charge up to $169 to the household who owns the blocked pipes.
I've told them not to come in the morning when I'm not there or they will have one confused plumber being told what to do by one confused drain owner. I hope it is 'him down the back' because he concreted over the sewerage connection and put in three huge trees along the fence line. I don't know if they have to go into every toilet in the house or just check outside but I removed every empty toilet roll holder from the back one and I filled a large washing basket with them. The BrickOutHouse only has to walk a few steps to the bin but he never does, it must be a bloke thing.


Ann O'Dyne said...

well the blockage is going to be the roots of those trees planted by him over the back.
good luck

JahTeh said...

Annie, you were going to bed at 12.20 am and I'm stupid enough to still be here at 12.31 am.

Jayne said...

What dick in his right mind concretes over the sewerage connection and plants trees on top?! He deserves to have blocked pipes, hope he gets a back-load gushing through his house, the knob!

Andrew said...

Sounds like the BrickOutHouse is a frequent visitor. Anyway, hope it is not your roots that the problem.

Brian Hughes said...

"Very high clouds over Glencoe in Scotland and photographed by Frank Howie."

I thought you'd written 'photographed by Frankie Howard' for a moment there. It's too early in the morning for my brain to function, obviously. I thought "So that's what heaven looks like, all tails and moisture. Nay, nay and thrice nay Missus. Titter ye not".

JahTeh said...

Jayne, the trees are enormous and one is an Acer which just loves looking for water. Plumber confirmed this morning that as I'm the caller I have to pay the call-out fee. Choice words were said.

BrickOutHouse is my nephew and lives with his grandmother. I don't know how he hasn't taken to drink and drugs but it looks like he just collects empty toilet roll holders.
As for my roots, Hot Andrew, don't ask and I won't tell.

How's the diet going Fleety? That's probably your brain shrivelling without it's chip and grease breakfast.

Brian Hughes said...

The diet's going fine. Just a pity my stomach isn't going anywhere as a result.

Caroline said...

watching clouds go by through a windy sky, fascinates me

its the ales Hughes.

JahTeh said...

Poor Fleetwood, I feel your pain. I wanted a packet of jellybeans today but told myself unless I had $2 I couldn't have them, I didn't and I don't and I hate myself.

Caroline, I love watching clouds, it's so relaxing, makes waiting for the bus a pleasure.

River said...

Tree roots will search out water only if there is a crack in the pipes already causing water to seep into the surrounding soil. This frequently happens with old clay drainage pipes, once the tree roots have found the water supply, they'll grow right into it. With plastic pipes that haven't cracked there is no water seepage and tree roots will just bypass the obstacle on their growth path. They don't know there's water in the pipe so won't crack it to enter. I tried to tell this to a landlord of mine once who didn't want to go to all the (expensive) trouble of digging up the driveway and replacing the old pipes, so as the blockages got worse year after year, he systematically killed (poisoned) tree after tree on the property. Three years later I couldn't stand it anymore and left.

Middle Child said...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph - but it all sounds sooo complicated

Ann O'Dyne said...

Titter ye not?

Hughsie I am tittering because it's Howerd not 'ard'.
Howard is that lawyer we had for a PM

JahTeh said...

Yippeeeeee! The blockage was in the main drain belonging to South East Water and so, no call out fee and the flusher truck was there in 30 mins after the first inspection.

River, idiot down the back will still be in trouble because I made sure they saw the trees and the concreted-over easement.

Therese, only the money finding bit was complicated. The relief that we didn't have to pay was wonderful.

Annie O, How could you? I'd almost forgotten the existence of the little rodent. He thought he was such a big wheel but it turned out he was only the gerbil.