Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Last night a conscience vote of lower house MPs backed the legislation - giving single women, lesbians and infertile couples greater access to fertility treatments - by 48 votes to 36.

Premier John Brumby outlined his support for the Bill saying the best interests of a child was the paramount consideration under the legislation.
"What underpins all of this is an understanding that we're really talking here about the quality of family life, the quality of family relationships determines the emotional, social and psychological outcomes for children not necessarily the family structure into which they have been born. And I think a key theme of this is that good parenting is about giving children unconditional love and that is certainly what I believe the Law Reform Commission was saying in its report." (Go Team Brumby)

The Victorian Law Reform Commission proposed changes after four years consultations.

Labor MPs Christine Campbell, George Seitz and Marlene Kairouz voted against with James Merlino, the Sports Minister saying that the bill turned children into commodities.

On the Opposition side, Ted Baillieu said, "Every child has got a father and mother and I think that ought to be the starting point." He said he was not making a judgement on same-sex couples who raised children.
Shadow attorney-general Robert Clark said the bill put the interests of parents well ahead of those of children. "In the past, if a child lost its mother, that would be regarded as a tragedy for that child...however, those tragedies, if this legislation is passed, would be occurring by a deliberate act," he said. (Is it just me or does that not make any sense)

Meet Miss C - commodity

Meet Miss C with Mum Kelly and Mum Samantha
not a commodity but child, much loved, wanted and cherished.


hazelblackberry said...

"Every child has a mother and father..." Biological maybe but sometimes that's as far as it goes, on both sides. If Miss C and her parents are an example, long live commodification of children!

(Just, like, don't invite me to any of her parties.)

Brian Hughes said...

"Ted Baillieu said, "Every child has got a father and mother and I think that ought to be the starting point." He said he was not making a judgement on same-sex couples who raised children." doesn't sound like it.

JahTeh said...

They had pink iced cupcakes HB, I've banned myself from any birthday parties.

Fleetwood, could you make any sense of the other idiot's comment?

Andrew said...

You should have stolen a pic of Little Jo too and added it. A product of a loving relationship and friends, surrounded by a loving family. She is going to grow up as a seriously privileged kid and my worry is that she will spoilt by too much love.

Brian, you have to separate the political Ted from the personal Ted. I could explain in detail, but take it from me, although he landed gentry and very rich, he is ok personally about such matters, if not politicly.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, I would have loved to have included a photo of Jo but not without her Mums' permission. I'm always wary of feeding the trolls.

It's a shames Polis have to be so two-faced.

River said...

I'm going to abstain from any debating on this issue. I don't care how the kids get made/born whatever, or who raises them, as long as they are loved and cared for. As Miss C obviously is.

JahTeh said...

River, women who go through IVF have really got to want a baby. If men had to do it, we'd be a dying race.

Middle Child said...

Loveky child and forget the rest