Tuesday, October 07, 2008


This new stamp issue by artist Peter Trusler and paleontologist Pat Vickers-Rich shows six different species from Australian megafauna which roamed Gondwanaland. This was a supercontinent which existed for hundreds of millions of years and began to break up more than 100 million years ago.
Peter Trusler is an Honorary Research Associate in the School of Geosciences and principal in the Palaeontological Laboratory at Monash University. Professor Pat Vickers-Rich is Director of the Monash Science Centre.
All of the Megafauna went extinct approximately 50,000 years ago except for the Tasmanian Tiger which was still alive last century so the artist had to base his images on fossils and relics.
The Wildlife of Gondwana travelling exhibition which opened at Monash University's Science Centre today not only has giant versions of the stamps but 300 original and cast fossils as well as other images by Trusler.


Andrew said...

It was just one first day cover for me, and then the addictions set it and I had to have everyone released. Last month I broke my addiction. You are welcome to come and see my first day covers. There are some very nice critter ones.

Better bash off to find out where this collection is moving to. Hopefully in a convenient location to me.

Miles McClagan said...

I wonder whatever happened to my stamps from Anguilla of popular Disney favourites...Penguin library used to have a big bucket of stamps and for a dollar you could lucky dip (yes, we didn't have no Internet etc...)

Might be worth two bucks or so?

Brian Hughes said...

Giant versions of the stamps? Are they for massive missives?

I don;t what you're so excited about Witchy. All the stamps I buy have a frightening old fossil on 'em. I'm sure it's deliberate, so that we all have to lick the queen's rear.

Minx said...

I think I would like stamps if I was more interested.

Jayne said...

Just bought them yesterday for Feral Beast :)

JahTeh said...

Oh Andrew, I could really do a 'Sedgwick' with that comment but I'll resist the urge.

You can keep the critters, you know what I'd like on stamps, that was until I saw Fleetwood's comment.

You can always ring the Science Centre at Monash.

Miles, yours is just as bad. I had visions of Penguin kids diving head first into the lucky bucket and coming up with a stamp in their gobs. I wouldn't have needed the Internet with entertainment like that actually I'd have paid to watch.

Fleetwood, we're really progressive in Oz, we have self sticking stamps and even if we hadn't, I'd never have licked a stamp again.

Minx, last lot were dogs but the one before that were stupid racing cars, boring. I'm always putting stamps in jars for the re-cycle charity then losing the jars.

Jayne, I hope you're going to take him to see the exhibition. It's easy to get to Monash from your place and you can download a map of the university from their website.

River said...

I collected stamps for a while as a kid. Used to get those mixed packets for 2 shillings at the post office. My brother used to steal any stamps he wanted but couldn't otherwise get hold of out of my album. One day I just gave him the whole album.

JahTeh said...

I used to get packets at Coles but they were never big enough or colourful enough for me. Stamps lost out to coloured pencils.