Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'm not quite back on an even level but the brain is slowly beginning to emerge from its hiding place. Rh was right on the button as a nervous collapse wasn't far away by Monday night.

I paid for my few hours of freedom on Sunday. I wanted to stay longer but I can feel that woman in my brain, I can feel the eyes boring into the back of my head. My sister says it's because I let her in there but it's empathy, sixth sense, the ties that bind, whatever, I feel the vibes.

So two days of getting things to right and she's still arguing with me that what happened has never happened before and shouldn't I be getting the doctor.
It's happened numerous times but not for the last few years which is why I missed the early signals. Hindsight is great. I should have twigged a week ago but what can I do when the woman can't articulate exactly what is wrong or where pain is. She can tell me a highly coloured version of what she thinks caused the problem and now I can't get that version out of her skull.

And now the Bouvier sisters are coming to visit tomorrow. I'm sure they've already heard the harrowing account of Sunday's event and probably about me denying her a doctor's visit. I've warned my sister, she'll warn the BrickOutHouse to get the girlfriend out of the way and he won't come home.

They can all go to Hell. I won't be there to be maid for the afternoon, it's shopping day and somebody better have chocolate on special.


Caroline said...

Wishing you much more success next time.

R.H. said...

I'm sure the sisters would know her little game by now but might anyway put on an act just to give you trouble.


There's no grander philosophy.


Andrew said...

How out of touch am I? I had to google Bouvier sisters.

River said...

Well, at least you'll be prepared next time. Now that you've recognised and remembered symptoms and stuff. Let the sisters take over while they're here. I wish you peace.

JahTeh said...

Caroline, how much do you charge to organise a horse stampede through a small suburban house?

Rh, the sisters believe everything she says because she believes it so it comes across as very plausible. Thank you for the encouragement to enlarge my already gigantic behind. Safeway have iced doughnuts on special but I'm really hanging out for Pavlova.

Andrew, how did you not know the troll sisters from the Simpsons. I'm always calling hers, Aunt Patty and Aunt Selma.

River, they'll be there for an hour and piss off and she'll be ringing and telling me how much they wore her out.

Lad Litter said...

Yes, just get the hell out for the day and leave them to it. Think only of what you're doing and stay in the moment.

Brian Hughes said...

"They can all go to Hell."

No...don't send 'em there. I'm planning to retire to Hell after I've died. It'll make a pleasant break for me. Send 'em to Heaven instead and let Robert deal with 'em for the rest of eternity.

Jayne said...

Horrid creatures you'll never win against, I know the type well.
Take Robert's advice and lock yourself in with a big pav, vanilla slice and hot chocolate.
With the phone off the hook, of course!

JahTeh said...

LL, You'll find me at the cake counter at Southland, all the cake counters.

Fleetwood, you don't want to go there. Go to Heaven and make Robbert clean up after you when you make the clouds all messy.

Thanks Jayne, another contributor to my lardarse. I fixed the computer problem, I turned it off and sent it to the time out corner. Seems to have worked.

R.H. said...

ha ha sweetiepies it's where robert has been would destroy you.

Anonymous said...

well bugger me stupid -
I missed your Happy BlogBirthday -
belated congratulations on 3 years and 20 days of being a good place to visit.

Anonymous said...

from Bwca oDyne too

JahTeh said...

This is new. When did post a comment morph to this template?
Crap, all I need, more change.

Thanks Anonymous/O'Dyne. A good place to visit especially for the terminally depressed.