Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I suppose there are some out in cyberland who think I'm exaggerating about mother and quite possibly think I'm a bitch.
I went back in my diary for this time last year and she was much nastier then. So I should be glad the old bat has slowed down and dropped a lot of the vitriol.
It still doesn't make it easier when she rings at some ridiculous hour of the morning because she didn't want to miss me before I go shopping.
I'm going shopping on Thursday but according to her that's Christmas Day, it says so on the calendar and I did say I was having to shop two days early.
By the time I untangle all this and get her to see that Christmas is two weeks away, I'm awake with only three hours sleep.
I blame lack of sleep for me putting the doona sideways into the cover and why the bed still isn't made and probably won't be until I'm ready to pass out around midnight.


antikva said...

I'd say to them that they are VERY lucky not to have dealt with it.

It's portrayed on tv that they're amusingly daft or whacky but the reality is very draining on the one who has to deal with it all the time. You start to feel that you're the one going batty.

I'm lucky that I only had to deal with it for a year, but, there was 2 of them.

Reality is that in this state, there is a lot of talk but no real support.


JahTeh said...

Antikva, it's the constant trying to think ahead of her or just unscrambling the information. I can't not dismiss all I'm hearing because somewhere in there could be a bit of vital information but translating 'I've got a sore backside from sitting in that chair' which is actually an ulcerated inside leg is a stretch.

Andrew said...

I don't think anyone thinks you are too harsh. You are saving me money by looking after her.

JahTeh said...

Thanks cameraface, I'll remember that when you're paying for looking after me.
Dame M knew exactly what she was doing at the end of her life but mum's gone way past that.

Middle Child said...

Diaries are very handy things tokeep...hmmm but this blog is like the diary of HER and you really...its better than spiflicating her