Monday, December 08, 2008


If I hear one more person saying they hope the government knows what it's doing handing out money to pensioners, I'll scream.
The same goes to the pensioners who are getting the money but say they don't really need it.
I spent the day going through the bills I have to pay for my mother and $1,400 went in a flash.
Even with direct debits to the utilities companies and having a monthly phone bill, she's still way behind.
Of course, if she didn't get up at 5 in the morning to put the fire on for the cat, that bill would be way down. I now remind her during the 8 a.m. phone call to get up, take her pills, get breakfast and turn the bloody fire off.
The medication safety net ends on December 31 and I haven't got that bill down to zero yet.
The rates instalment is late but I'm more concerned with paying for the meals on wheels.
I don't even want to look at her credit card but there'll be a big payment on that this week. I still have issues with NAB for extending her credit limit when it was obvious she couldn't pay the amount she already owed. This was after we paid the card off twice and asked for a $2000 limit which was not to be exceeded.
After all this, she has about $300 to spend on whatever she wants and it's not much, a new nightdress, towells and some DVDs. Bring on the post Christmas sales.


R.H. said...

If that was my mother I'd be getting her a part-time job.

Andrew said...

I just adore moaning pensioners.

Ann O'Dyne said...

There's a woman in Beaufort with 10 children who will be getting a fair whack.
A friend of a friend has ordered black pearl earrings to be made for her on the strength of the bonus. It should have been means-tested.
I am sure there will be ugly fallout from the whole damn thing.
Pensioners are usually excused by their poverty from purchasing xmas gifts, but now, all their friends Expect lavishness due to the damn bonus. Purse-snatching will have a sudden surge too.
I'm using it for the dentist who has not seen my chewers for 5 years.
Wishing you a Craggy Island Christmas!

Caroline said...

Yes Anod, it should have been means tested and it was extremely mean to exclude the unemployed but then they are as we know, persona (s)non grata. But there's a helluva lot more of them than is officially noted and their ranks are set to swell.

What was it? Two grand a kid? Ten kids? Fark.

JahTeh said...

Rh, not putting my foot down and stopping her from working at her market stall is what got her here. It was costing her more to go than she was taking but I couldn't do a thing about it.

Andrew, you're just gearing up to when you can moan with the rest of us.

Annie O, see my dentist, she's gentle with the drills and the needles, probably not with the bills. Maybe we could get a two for one deal.
Black Pearl earrings, I just added up dentist, glasses and a bottle of perfume and there went half of it.

Caroline, the deal is that we all put it back into the economy but I keep thinking about the profits it's going to make people like Hardly Normal.

phil said...

It's very important to have a Strong Economy. Evidently none of you people appreciate this, your government is working very hard to ensure that Australia has a Strong Economy.

It's not enough that you just have an economy, it has to be a Strong one. A Strong Economy, that's what all Australians want. It is in fact unAustralian not to want a Strong Economy.

Your government is working very hard - much harder than you could possibly imagine, by the way, to get you one.

By one I mean, of course, a Strong Economy.

So get shopping. It's unAustralian not to do so.


Kev 'n Gerry
Strong Economy r us

Middle Child said...

Glad some of your mum's debts are cleared anyway.

Why do those who "have" worry about where those who have so little spend a little bit of dough? Like the haves...may go out for a dinner which costs $2-300 sometimes...the have nots would never consider this.

The lack of empathy in amny people worries me.

Its there enjoy it whatever!!! no business of anyones.