Saturday, December 20, 2008


When daylight saving starts,


Mine's quite dead.

I was only deepfrying Thai tofu cakes coated in sesame seeds.

Now the house looks like a set from "Backdraft".

All I want for Christmas is an exhaust fan and a rangehood and a battery.


Andrew said...

I've got some spare batteries under the bed if you would like them?

Pip said...

Its great that you have changed the smoke alarm battery because of it being dead. However it is the end of daylight savings that you are supposed to replace the battery, not the start.

There is a technical reason for changing the smoke alarm battery at the end of daylight savings..... batteries don't work so well if they are cold, so starting off winter with a fresh battery in your smoke alarm is a good idea. It gets very annoying to have the smoke alarm do the low battery beep at 3AM every time there is a cold morning. Having a fresh battery at winter time stops this from happening.

A Smoke alarm should only be fitted with a quality ALKALINE battery, NEVER a 'normal' heavy duty one.

An alkaline battery should be able to run the smoke alarm for about 2 years before it shows signs of starting to go flat, but for safety reasons the battery should be replaced EVERY YEAR. If the smoke alarm is making its battery go flat within 12 months, go purchase a new smoke alarm because there is something wrong with the one you have, and the fault is making it pull too much power from the battery.


JahTeh said...

Andrew, I wouldn't touch that line with a forty foot porn star.

Thank you, Pip, but it wouldn't matter when I changed it, the way I cook the battery runs out very quickly. To change it I have to get up the ladder which is not a good idea at any time. I usually wait for a tall visitor.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've changed my smoke detector battery for nearly two years now, but it still seems to be going.

I like deep fried food but don't like deep frying because I don't have an exhaust fan and the oil gets everywhere. All you can do is open all the doors and windows while frying, I suppose.

antikva said...

I change the batteries on Australia day cos we didn't have DS in Qld. Fades the curtains *g*

I guess we must use the same methods for cooking. LOL

Middle Child said...

Thats not much to ask for is it? i hope santy delivers

Jayne said...

Next time you get a battery operated toy.......... :P

River said...

I don't deep fry anything. Cleanup's a bitch. Next year I'll email you a reminder to change the battery, shall I?

JahTeh said...

OoC, You must put that on your house list, exhaust fan with removable filter for cleaning. It's my fault for watching Kylie Kwong and all her gorgeous deep frying. I can't watch the new program about the largest restaurant in China because of what they do to the animals in the cooking but Kylie glosses over that part.

Antikva, It's the getting up the ladder that kills me and the cost of the battery.

Therese,I'm asking Santy for a lot more than that.

Jayne, you've been reading Andrew too much.

River, what clean up? the wok is still sitting on the stove without the oil and I'm avoiding it as much as the Hoover.

Caroline said...

I've found a good couple of thwacks with the broom really sorts the smoke alarm out.

Brian Hughes said...


JahTeh said...

Caroline, I need a new broom as well.

Fleetwood, I sent the wrong card, you missed the chorus line of lolita wombats, it went to Lord Sleaze of Sedgwick.