Monday, January 12, 2009


I'm full of impotent rage.
I'm speechless with the unfairness of family members.
So I'm taking a few days to get a bit of perspective about the issues raised.
For once it's not my mother who's got my dander up but it is about her.

My granddaughters are coming again tomorrow, just for the day, before they leave on Saturday. The one thing they want to do is put flowers on their father's grave.
They have never been taken there in 13 years.
I'm glad they want to do this but I think it will kill me.

On a last note, I swear I will never hand my life over to another person, never.


Lord Sedgwick said...

"They have never been taken there in 13 years.
I'm glad they want to do this but I think it will kill me."

Guess that's something not of their making, and if'n you're that young you have yet to reach/learn perspective. With the passing of time, if they're worth their stripes, they WILL get it.

"On a last note, I swear I will never hand my life over to another person, never."

Brave words Coppertop, but sentiments I suspect ('scuse me arrogant presumptions) you'll pass beyond. You're much better and stronger than that. (All of us out here know that)

Bottom line? Grab the best of it and may the devil take the rest.

antikva said...

What the Lord said. And a hug.

JahTeh said...

Word Verification says 'maling', well not around here me maties.
I see there's wisdom in that grizzled old bearded head, Your Lordship.

Antikva, Hope the bruises are healing and I'll see you in Bendigo. I'm the redhead, the beardhead is Sedgwick. I'll wave him by one leg so you'll know it's us.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Oh, JT... we are sending you strength.


Jayne said...


Anonymous said...

Those feelings are pretty overwhelming, huh. Fare better as the days progress...

Helen said...

I've been there - grinding teeth with impotent rage at behaviour of family (in-laws)

Peace be with you, hope whoever it is suddenly falls down a manhole which has accidentally been left uncovered by the local

phil said...

Wot his lordship sed too. We do rise above.

Word verification is "edgratie", I'm sure he is.

River said...

It may not be as bad as you think. If the girls notice you're upset, you may have the chance for a heart-to-heart explanation. I bet they'd understand more then you'd know. ((hugs))

JahTeh said...

Muriels, I see Miss C is walking, now you're for it. This is the time you develop eyes in the back of your head.

Jayne, hugs won't cut it, I want tattslotto.

Rhubarbwhine, I like the name. It's overwhelming in the giant jigsaw way so I have to stand back and take a long silent look at what's going on.

Helen, In-Laws, now that really was 30 years of impotent rage. Internalised anger does make you really ill so does trying to rationalize everybody else's actions.

Phil, rising above the troubles is no problem, it's staying above them.

River, I really felt for the girls today. They just at the grave for a long time and it's a shame that they'll never know their father no matter how much I tell them. It isn't the same as having their own memories.

R.H. said...

What a disaster, the whole thing.

Guess what, I've mailed you a little surprise, addressed to: Jahteh. C/o Mentone P.O.

ha ha!


R.H. said...

Hullo you dirty racist misogynist homophobe creeps. ha ha. How do people get like you? Why can't you be like me, a public servant with a job for life in the sheltered pig-trough of mediocrity?

ha ha ha.


JahTeh said...

Robbert, from the sound of that 2nd comment, you've been banned or deleted again.

Why did you post it? You could have handed it to me in Bendigo.

Caroline said...

Reading Robbert's comments always makes me forget what I was going to say . . .

oh that's right. One and only time I ever visited a relatives' grave, I was hour later at doctor who diagnosed me with Grave's disease. You have been warned. It was that particular line of the fandamily that gave it to me too. Bastards. That's all they gave me ... well aside from my father. . . but he's dead too. So tch, thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Robbert, if you are invited to someone's home and then you then proceed to abuse other invited guests - fill in the dots you serial offender you.

R.H. said...

Beg your pardon Miss Jahteh it is not a joke, I have posted you something in a padded envelope. It's addressed to Jahteh, c/o Mentone P.O. Get down there and get it...WILD WOMAN!
I have not been banned I have not been deleted, not for ages. I reply to four blogs only:
1. Miss Brownie.
2. Miss Copperwitch.
3. Miss Baroque.
4. Charlie Parker.

They are all my darlings -except for Charlie, who is a ma-a-a-an. Okay? Shutup. I never offend anyone.


Anonymous said...

So dishonest Robbbot!

But are we surprised?!

In recent times you have offended and have either run away from, have been deleted or have been banned from other blogs.

e.g Cast Iron Balcony, Highriser, Lavartus P and more

Please either get a life, a reality check, or something that vaguely resembles good manners.

Such a silly boi.

R.H. said...

Is it dishonest to comment anonymously?
So what do you call recent, you stupid cunt, I was banned by Laugharse and by the cast iron woman at least two years ago. -And it's an enormous compliment. If they liked me I'd be worried. Highriser turned out to be a Fascist. And so I left, that's all. What a cheek you have to come on this woman's blog and decide who she takes comments from, you fucking MORON. I've been her favourite for years!
I've got twenty times your life, you've got none, which is why you're so interested in mine. You flea.

R.H. said...

Bloggers I've stayed with long term are bloggers who have TALENT.
Everyone knows that.
Bums can ban me and I'll laugh.

R.H. said...

I don't disrespect any blue-lettered commentor here. They're all good.

JahTeh said...

Rh, when did Andrew become a fascist and you're not allowed to say that here anyway.

Anonymous, put a name to yourself and I'll roll out the welcome mat.

Caroline, we have so many family defects on both sides it's a wonder I haven't got scales.

R.H. said...

When I applaud the police shooting of a troubled fifteen-year-old you can call me a fascist anywhere you like. But then I don't have a place worthy of a Home Beautiful double spread, nor do I have high faluting sensitivities offended by the Lower orders. I don't rate offences against property as something to get hysterical over, nor do I think alleged racists deserve to be gunned down like dogs. But some do.

I call them fascists.

R.H. said...

Also (if I may) it's wrong to call a tragically killed fifteen-year-old "scum" when you know little about him. We're all bastards in some way and he may have been a naughty kid but now has a grave for his mother to put flowers on. Okay? Meanwhile syphillis is currently raging among homosexual men.

What do you call that?

I call it the pox.

Caroline said...

My mother has what iridologists call 'silk' irisis. Which translates into the most indestructable physical constitution known to mankind. I did not inherit this trait. Still, if I don't die of breast cancer, bowel cancer, a stroke, a brain haemorrhage, heart disease or Graves' Disease I will consider that my life's quest of slipping through the net has been a success.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, STIs are currently raging through the teen population not just the gay community.

Caroline, what is it with these indestructible women? I mean in December 2004, she went into hospital with Pancreatitis and Pneumonia and the doctors gave her 12 hours to live. Ten days later she walked out. They're either robots or aliens, I'm inclined to the alien view.

R.H. said...

According to ABC News (Luvvie 774) syphilis is currently at epidemic level among gay men.
I mention it to show that it can be said: only Caesar's wife is above suspicion, all others are liable to criticism. And why not?

R.H. said...

And you know better than to call me Robbert when talking seriously about something.
I became Robbert after getting banned from a snobbish so-called 'arts' blog called Sarsparilla when a PONCE calling itself Chris Boyd ticked me off for writing Allison instead of Alison. This stupid bird (aLison) had expressed outrage at being sent at short notice to cover a court case because court cases were outside her area as a journalist. How distressing. So I said well why not just spend some moments cramming for it then enjoy the challenge of giving it a go and OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME BUT THEY ALL GOT HYSTERICAL! They wanted to lynch me. Fair dinkum. But the biggest upset of all was I'd mistakenly put an extra L into Alison. For Christ's sake!

Well what do they know about art. Really? Aside from quibbling. They want to make rules, that's all, imagining there's an art recipe. But if there were, anyone could do it, and anyone can't. So on they go, muttering strange terms only they can understand -to shut out the peasants. Terms like 'Conflation'. 'Multiple Disconnect'. Good heavens, what rot. And they rub the language with carrot cake, making it nice: 'unacceptable' stands in for 'outrageous'. How stupid.

Fools. Higher education is the worst thing that ever happened to them, they've abandoned plain language: the most democratic thing on earth.
I'll tell you something, this is not communication. Shakespeare made room for groundlings, this makes none at all.
There are simple ways of saying things, it's easiest and it's best. What excludes common people says nothing at all.
So don't paint then, don't write. Don't bother. What for? The day I use words like conflation in writing or conversation I'll blow my brains out.