Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'll know in four days or so. They took enough blood to transfuse an elephant and whoopee, I got to hold the vials full of blood. I forgot to take off the bandaid in time so that's up in a welt, stupid allergies.

The pains in my shoulders, elbows, fingers, wrists, ankles and toes aren't from doing too much, cutting down trees, tension, making jewellery, vacuuming, carrying heavy groceries, moving scoria rocks, bucketing water to the lemon tree etc. I have massive inflammation in all the joints, in fact none of my rings will fit on my left hand at all so that's a worry.

It's either arthritis flaring up from the doing of too much, rhuematoid (?) which the Chinese blame on suppressed anger (moi! Angry!) and is an immune system thing or viral arthritis which I haven't googled yet. I could be manifesting malingering as a new hobby.

Mummy dearest was very sympathetic. She says I should stop doing things like all of the above except when it applies to her. She dreads anything happening to me and then she'd be left all alone. Thanks Ma, I'm glad it's all about you. Thanks to Caroline for the grave curse.

Fingers aren't hurting because I have $20 keyboard back, all bright and shiny and clean. I'm dazzled by the keys in all that whiteness.

Forget the hurty-achy bit above and answer something serious. Does anyone know why a DVD, my 'Serenity', won't play on the new player but will on the computer and did on the old player?
This is extremely important since I might have to malinger with my feet up in front of the teev.


JahTeh said...

Good Goddess, don't google any of those unless you want a nervous breakdown as well and no, whatever I've got wasn't sexually transmitted. Talk about TMI.

antikva said...

The player may not be multi region, usually only the el cheapo one's are. Strange but true.

Bring the dvd with you :-)

antikva said...

oh, google unlock code for your player and you might be able to find the unlock code to enter via your remote keypad.

Andrew said...

I'm with Antikva on this one. Always go for the dodgy Chinese model if you want to do illegal. Sounds like an immune reaction to me. You are now allergic to Bombay Saphire. (spell check tells me that there are two p's in sapphire, but I will stick with one for the gin.

Caroline said...

Yeah. Well. You were warned. Sounds painful and exotic. Better go for the Chinese herbal cure. Or apple cider vinegar, thrice daily.

"oviginas" hmmmm.

JahTeh said...

Antikva, my sister has had the same problem and was told the same answer. I've had the DVD for 3 years and the others for the same time so I don't know why it's only this one.

Andrew, it's not an illegal.
Allergic to Bombay, blasphemy, my dear boi.

Caroline, I didn't even spit on my father-in-law's grave the other day and he'd curse me in a minute.

Jayne said...

Bugger Serenity (not literally) and hire Carrington for a good weepie flick.
It'll do nothing except make your face red, no medicinal properties whatsoever....but it goes nicely with gin ;)

JahTeh said...

Thanks Jayne, but 'Serenity' and the series it came from, 'Firefly' wins over a weepie. I've just finished the first series of 'Stargate SG1' and now have to save the pennies for series two.

Jayne said...

Couldn't get into Firefly or Serenity as Joss Whedon virtually dumped Buffy and Angel to work on Firefly leaving second rate hack writers to butcher the 2 series with absurd storylines and bizarre out-of-context happenings which led to SMG calling it quits and both series being axed.
Yes, I hold a grudge much lol.
Gossip in the sci-fi mags is that Whedon's new series Dollhouse is supposed to be on shaky ground, too.

phil said...

I'd love to help but...(insert 4 pages of mathematical equations here)...I'm only a man and the wrong age group to unlock recalcitrant DVDs.

River said...

Your player may not be multi-region, like antikva says, but you can reset it. There is a code which you can enter via the remote which unlocks the dvd player. I'm not sure exactly what it is, my daughter did mine. Ask around and see if anyone you know can do this or talk you through doing it.
Heh, I just scrolled down and read antikva's next comment. Do what she said, and enjoy Serenity again.

River said...

Jahteh, I have the entire series of Stargate on home burned dvd's which only play in a computer. Since I now also have the entire set bought from JB-HIFI, you're welcome to the other set. If you email me with a postal address, I'll send them to you to watch while you save to buy the real ones.

Mikhela said...

Jahteh, you have some odd commenters.

JahTeh said...

River, thanks but I hate watching the DVDs on the computer, it's like watching something on TV after being in Gold Class.

Mikhela, an odd bunch of us met in Bendigo yesterday and we discovered we're mostly mad, mostly human but we liked each other a lot. It was a great day.

Middle Child said...

Hurties... can't hack pain and daily feel guilty because Don had so much pain...but if I have to ahve a needle for my varicose veins aaarrrggghhhh