Saturday, March 07, 2009


A 4.6 on the Richter Scale present. The epicentre was Korrumburra, coal country.

It rattled the old girl's teeth and frightened the cat. The BrickOutHouse rang and said the whole house swayed and shook for ages and so did Ma.

My house is on a very thick concrete slab and even that rocked. I get more noise than shaking although this time the boom was really loud. I could see the chandelier in the bedroom swinging.

The cyclone centering on northern Queensland is heading for a category 4 rating. So it's fire for us, floods for them, now an earth tremor and all on top of a recession. I didn't mention pestilence, Costello's been around for years.

Mother Nature's pissed.


River said...

Mother Nature's not half as pissed as we are. Although she's probably pissed for different reasons.

nailpolishblues said...

Sydney's just fine. Admittedly, we seem to be having some kind of glittery/feathery plague just now but I'm sure that will pass with no lasting damage - though many, many hangovers.

Jayne said...

The locusts and mice will be arriving in about 3 my crystal ball tells me.

Anonymous said...

My Mama accused me of being drunk when I went "what the f--k was that?" even though I had only had three glasses of wine over three hours. Ha.

Ms Rachy: 1
Mama: 0

Middle Child said...

I was up there but just got the tail end. my sister (that I like and brother in law that i really liked) her husband was a bus driver and was killed when a four wheel drive with bumper bar drove straight into him..poor bugger...she's in real shell shock...

this year has started out a bugger...hope it bloody well improves.