Friday, March 06, 2009


Thank you Telstra for my wonderful dial-up connection which isn't. Another phone call this morning and someone will check the lines for the third time since December and maybe this time they will actually fix it.

It made this morning's phone call for the birthday very difficult, nothing new there. All week she's been confusing me with Aunt Selma and denying that Aunt Selma is her twin. Sis walked in last week as Aunt Patty was yelling down the phone line (it's not only me) because she couldn't make mum believe she had a twin. This afternoon she said she'd finally got the birthdays straight but I'm not sure about the twin thing yet.

My computer, my solace, has been denied me not only by the disconnects but by running so slowly it could be on pedal power. So in a last ditch, after I've taken off everything else I rarely use, I'm getting rid of blog following. It took two hours (on and off) yesterday to delete 12 blogs, that's how slow it is. But when I first put blog follow on, I'm sure I only had to use a delete button when a couple of blogs had the wrong URL. Now it's more complicated and where did the Google friends connect thing come from? So if one anonymous follower disappears from your list, it's only me. I clicked on the dial-up and the incoming was 3 times the outgoing bytes and I wasn't even web browsing so hopefully this will speed things up. It should only take another week or so to get the job finished. Except for Lord Sedgwick who seems to have a permanent sticking charm on his blog, I haven't been able to 'stop following' his blog at all.


JahTeh said...

Okay, that seems to have worked as the pages are not timing out now but it's taken an hour to delete 19 blogs.

River said...

Do you have a system maintenance program installed and running? The solution to slow running may be as simple as defragmenting your hard drive. Tracking cookies also will slow down your system, an antivirus program will take care of those for you. My program does a full system scan every week, (that's what I scheduled) and deletes all cookies, defragmenting is done less often. of course it helps immensely if Telstra gets off it's arse and fixes the lines too.

Brian Hughes said...


It's about time you joined the rest of the twenty-first century and got yourself broadband.

"So in a last ditch, after I've taken off everything else..."

Now there's a mental image that's cheered up my breakfast no end.

Armagnac Esq. said...

I have AAPT broadband and it drops out all the time. Like, not work, no explanation. I check the modem etc and all is lined up.

I'm going to get the best bband money can buy, and one of those plugintheside widgets while I'm at it.

Lad Litter said...

I feel your frustration. Good luck with the birthday and the search for affordable, effective ADSL. But even broadnband can drop out. Mine sure does.

JahTeh said...

River, if you press control+alt+delete, that brings up all the running programs, none of which I know except the security so I don't delete until I know what I'm doing (never). I defrag every month, adaware, spybot, zonealarm and AVG keep the bugs out. Of course it would help to download the latest update if the phone line would stay connected. I discovered a screen saver I can dump too.

Fleetwood, Broadband costs money and they want it every month. They want you to have their current mobile phone tied to it and the landline phone or you don't get the special price.

I'm so glad I made your breakfast so special. One of these days I serve it up to you, in person, clothing optional.

Armagnac, One of my neighbours changed from Optus to Telstra and says it's the worst move they've ever made. Dodo is at the bottom of the food chain. Dear Sol said at the last conference, Las Vegas I think, that Telstra could give us much faster times but why should he until the competition does.

LL, that makes me feel so much better, to think your broadband deserts you but you should have specified what company. We need to rank them in order of shittiness.
Birthday went off with a bang, 4.6 on the Richter Scale.

Jayne said...

Sounds like you need to update the pc, J.
Broadband or dial up, doesn't matter if your memory is too full up and the motherboard is having kittens.
I wouldn't bother updating the innards of your current one, have a look through this list here and get a decently priced one.

Middle Child said...

Why oh why does all this shit happen...?