Thursday, May 07, 2009


I can't remember if I said about my 30 year old glasses frames, that OPSM weren't all that happy about putting in reading lens and wouldn't guarantee the work and really were a bit snooty about my gold metal oldies.

Well, I bent over to take off my slippers last night and the new supplied and guaranteed frames fell apart and landed at my feet. I haven't had them six months. It only took 5 minutes to put them back together at the store but keep this date in mind in case they fall apart again.

At the movies, I saw the best ad ever but then I have a rotten sense of humour. Big party, bloke turns up with a box wrapped in ribbons. Says to the girl that he knows she's had a rotten time since Freddy (or whoever) went. She puts her hand in the box and squeals, 'Bowling ball!'. Not a bowling ball but Freddy the gerbil encased in a plastic bauble. Okay, I suppose you had to be there but it was funny. I think they were advertising Cadbury's chocolates but I was laughing to hard to remember.


Andrew said...

Not seen that one, but aren't movie ads a bit different.

Ann oDyne said...

Spectacle frame prices are criminal when they are so fragile.
The tiny screws fall out, lenses get scratched despite all the care I can manage. good luck.

Phil has found this really funny blog. Get over there and laugh.

Brian Hughes said...

"Well, I bent over to take off my slippers last night and the new supplied and guaranteed frames fell apart and landed at my feet."

That usually indicates that it's time to change your socks.

Jayne said...

Just as well you super glued your glass eye in place!

R.H. said...

I thought of you this morning, as I struggled to put my socks on.
Gravity is why new-borns yell.

R.H. said...

When I get control of this planet I will kill millions, and give you a cake shop.



River said...

I'm a bit annoyed at the fragility of frames these days too. seems to me the higher the cost, the more fragile the frames. So-called titanium frames aren't any tougher. I' due for another eye exam soon and don't know where to go for it. I'm not really happy with my local optometrist and there are several others in the same area, but I'm getting wary of paying heaps for glasses that only work for about a year and then I'm having trouble focussing. Arrgh!

JahTeh said...

Andrew, I think it's part of the campaign that features the gorilla banging on drums to John Farnham's 'You're the voice'. It was a real giggle and you'll probably see it tonight when you enjoy StarTrek.

Annie O, I didn't realize that you can't get glass lens now, it's all plastic crap which is why they scratch.
Loved the blog too.

Fleetwood, it usually indicates that I'm bending too far over and eclipsing the moon.

Jayne, glass eye, I'm getting a banging pain right behind the left eyeball. Probably a mother induced stroke approaching.

Robbert, you should have seen me last night. I had to climb out of the back seat of a two door mercedes. Push the seat forward, push it from upright position, grab the handhold over the door, throw both feet out the door followed by rest of body, resist gravity and not fall on bum and resume upright position with dignity intact. Sister's friend is impressed with my flexibility.
I didn't watch "SpaceCamp" 10 times without learning how to shoot out of a hatchway.

River, the best thing is to choose a pair of sunglasses and have clear lens put in which is what I did last time for my good 'going out' pair. The added bonus is that they hate doing it.

Middle Child said...

Do you laugh in all the wrong places? Its catching...I just lose the plot sometimes and in all the wrong places i laugh my guts out thereby giving creedence to the theory I may indeed be a bit mad.