Thursday, May 07, 2009


Stupid stars, I hate it when astrologers are right.

Half an hour after I posted on Tuesday, the phone and internet went off. It came back Wednesday morning and went off Wednesday night. It went off this morning but that was the man up the pole fiddling with the wires again. No internet banking then and call for a taxi on the mobile and pass the man fiddling with wires on a pole round the corner and down the street.

Phone and internet is back, for now.

AGL are now giving me grief. NO, we haven't got your PoA yet, it takes a while to come to the call centre. One more call with that remark, which I'll be making tomorrow, and the supervisor will join David in the padded cell. That belongs to the mother problem.

My problem was spelled out in three letters from AGL for the gas and two for the electricity. Apparently, they've been having billing troubles and have just caught up with the accounts. So if I'm having problems paying for this extra large bill, just ring our call centre and we'll come to some arrangement. Lucky me, I have direct debits which went down in each subsequent letter but I'm still in credit. So I'm waiting for any letters like this to arrive at mother's and then watch the mushroom cloud billow over AGL.

It's a good thing I spent yesterday sniffing a fresh can of brass cleaner or I mightn't be as mellow. Sorry Antikva if I sounded a little spaced out but who reads instructions about doing brass cleaning in adequate ventilation. My last brass cleaner wasn't loaded with LSD. But the brass is looking good and I've got 3 more goblets to go and only half a lung left.

I bought mother a duckdown doona for mother's day with her money. So I didn't shop for food, I can forage, but decided to visit today instead of tomorrow. I took off the bed, one heavy wool blanket, one heavy marcella quilt, two mohair rugs, one patchwork quilt and one bedspread and the thermal blanket, she was using that so her leg wouldn't fall out of bed. They weighed a tonne but lacked warmth which is why I put on the light thermal blanket but the control freak decided that was the one thing that was heavy on her legs. Give me strength.

I decided there must be a reason for her not being able to get to the centre of the bed, apart from sheer bloodymindedness because I make her do it, and somewhere along the line an over achieving housekeeper had removed the wooden blocks from the wheels on the bed so it was moving instead of mother.

With a sweep of the broom I found them and put them back. Made the bed with the doona, thermal blanket and mohair rug and made her get in it properly. She ate a custard tart, several painkillers and a cup of tea and passed out for two hours. I think she heard me say goodbye, all I could hear was, "I"m so warm, why didn't we do this before?" Because I still thought I might be able to find the $200 wool filled doona that's still MIA. I love Harris Scarfe, quilt was $90 off, bargain and a half if it shuts her up.

And the rest of the morning was filled with STAR TREK. Trek nerds, don't miss it on the big screen. Brilliant and I don't care if William Shatner was pissed off that he didn't get a guernsey and Nimoy did because he was part of the film and Denny Crane would have ruined it. The story has multi-layers, the special effects are tremendous and the actors were perfect. Love it, love it.


Brian Hughes said...

"...she was using that so her leg wouldn't fall out of bed."

You need to screw her leg on tighter in future.

JahTeh said...

Either that or nail her foot to the floor.

About those handcuffs, you wouldn't believe where I'd hidden the sonic screwdriver.

River said...

A duckdown doona! Lucky mum. I have one of those, 80% down, 20% feathers, I bought it about 22 years ago and I've loved it ever since. When my dad died I got his doona, all feathers, no down. I opened the end seam on my doona and his, scooped the feathers from dad's doona into mine, channel by channel, and stitched up again. It's twice a puffy now and heaven to snuggle under on frosty nights. In summer I make the bed early in the morning and the feathers insulate against the heat, so at night I open the bed and the sheets are beautifully cool. For a while anyway.
Yay for your mum sleeping for two whole hours. You're going to lay in a good supply of custard tarts and pain killers now? (then she'll decide she doesn't like custard tarts, because they make her sleepy..)
AGL appears to be manned by morons.

JahTeh said...

River, the best part is now they put the down in squares instead of channels so it can't all fall to the bottom. It might help for a while but the cold is internal and not much can be done.

Andrew said...

R: What are we doing Saturday night?
Andrew: Nothing arranged. If D doesn't invite us anywhere, do you want to see a movie?
R: What about the new Star Trek filum?
Andrew: (moan)

I agreed to go on your recommendation. So Spock has been dug up?

JahTeh said...

Andrew, am I the type to put out spoilers?
Go with an open mind, plenty of action and humour and don't forget the theatre will be full of young hot Trek fans or middle age gay hot Trek fans so you won't have to watch the screen.