Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Telephone is fixed, for the moment, for this year, hopefully forever.

The fixit man could have knocked on the door before cutting the phone line with Ma on the other end of the morning hysteria call.

She thought the power went off and couldn't get her breakfast.

That took some explaining, about the difference between electricity and phone line.

It appears that during the 120kmh windstorm, the connection worked loose and water got in and started to short out the line.

But only my phone line.

There's a moral in there somewhere.


River said...

Only your phone line? Obviously they think you're a nuisance and try to fob you off with the first excuse that pops into their heads.Or maybe it's in their standard customer relations training.
"When a customer has a complaint-tell them this"
I hope the phone continues to work for you now.
what is it Telstra does with their massive profits? they certainly don't appear to use any of it on maintenance.

Brian Hughes said...

"There's a moral in there somewhere."

Yes...it's time you upgraded to wireless.

Ann oDyne said...

1. this is vindication at last?

2. the bloody possums did it Possums!

Jayne said...

Ahhh that would be like when Telstra had an employee who was stalking my cousin and racking up calls on his mobile and when he changed the number - TWICE in 4 days - she still got a hold of the new numbers within 4 and 6 hours each and only the big T knew the brand new numbers.
When complaints were lodged and police were involved denial was the game plan and no one ever followed up or acknowledged there had been a breach of privacy...and now it's happening again so one assumes she did not get sacked like we thought.
So, there's no moral besmirching its lily-white innocence anywhere near that telco.

JahTeh said...

River, you hit the nail, maintenance on everything although I can't blame them for the corroded point inside the house but then that did last for 35 years before it fritzed. I noticed this morning there was a packet on the ground for some new gadget to go on the connection.

Fleetwood, the bastards don't just want you to have wireless, you have to take the mobile and the other phone and this and that or they will charge the earth. Then you have to work out how many gigabytes you'll need and what you think you need they want to double it. I'd rather keep annoying them until they fix my phone.

Annie O, I'm still sure it's the abseiling bloody possums. They wouldn't dare go next door and the other next door, they like my roof.

Jayne, nasty but then the police have their own problems with privacy issues so why would they care. We can't poison possums but other pests are fair game.