Sunday, May 03, 2009


And on the other hand having no phone or internet since Wednesday night means increased blood pressure, shouting, throwing phones around and moderate to full-on depression.

Telstra call centre must have a large 'be afraid' star against my name by now as I'm treated very gently, WHEN THEY CAN HEAR ME THROUGH THE INSANE NOISE GENERATED BY THEIR PHONE LINE.

It was a dream to have a clear line this morning even with mother on it.

A big thank you to River. I finally got the coffee and vanilla slice, still fresh.

It is depressing to realize that without the internet and blogs, I have no interaction with human beings other than little old ladies in supermarkets and check-out chicks. (No offence River, my check-out chick is lovely).

So pardon my dust as I nick off and catch up with people who have a life.

And you all better be there where I left you. I regard a blog closure as being like a death in the family.


River said...

Heh, you're welcome. I'm still right here where you left me.
No offence taken. I know some check-out chicks can be rude and obnoxious,I often want to tell some customers where to go, most of my regular early morning shoppers are lovely though. did you hear that over here in Adelaide some supermarkets have hird extra security staff in case there's trouble tomorrow when our plastic checkout bags ban comes into effect. Customers up until now have had plenty of warning and opportunities to buy alternative bags, but there's still concern that some customers will react badly and possibly abuse the checkout staff. I think my early morning regulars will be okay, but I'm prepared for an interesting shift.

Bwca Brownie said...

Blogville was quiet without you.

Anyone who made voodoo dolls representing TEFKA* management, would trade well.

* the Kafka-esque telco.

JahTeh said...

River, Safeway here has been vigilant about going through all bags to check for shoplifting. I'm always stopped because of the size of bag I heft around on my shoulder. I love the man at Big W who hates it when I offer the bag to him, there's so much junk in it I could hide a small car.

Bwca, the call centre, through the noise, said something about loaning me a wireless phone because of mum but I can't be sure because I couldn't hear him.

JahTeh said...

Also River, I carry 5 plastic bags of varying sizes with me which takes up a small space at the bottom of the really big bag.

Brian Hughes said...

"Blog Reading is Good for Mental Health."

That depends on whose blog it is.

Anonymous said...

Well ain't that the truth Brian.

Just call me the undead. I don't know why it calls me linkus when it knows my real name. Its bloody frustrating this blogging business. Reading them might be good for your mental health. Doing them...


hazelblackberry said...

I'll still be here. Where else would I go?

Jayne said...

Yep, still here...might be something to do with the nail through my blog's foot :P

R.H. said...

I played an adagio this evening.

(For you)


JahTeh said...

Scrag Ends is Fleets, it means you're crazier than me.

Caroline the anonymous, I'd know you anywhere.

HB, When you don't blog, I'll know the world is ending.

Jayne, same as above and you tweet as well. I read some twit hacked twitter, Justice is served.

Robbert, And I thought it was just the moon serenading me.

Middle Child said...

You are right about blog closures... being a bit like a death...I think losing my phone line and internet would be a bit like a death as welll sad huh?