Friday, May 29, 2009


29th of May, 2009 and on the 29th of April, 2009 I faxed my Power of Attorney and the two AGL accounts I am supposed to have access to.

The call centre IN ADELAIDE hasn't been notified.

Would I fax through the PofA again?

It's already cost $6 of my pension to do this once but says nice call centre person, "we will give you a credit on the account".

Which would be fine if the call centre ever gets the faxes I'm sending there.

Now I'm going to email the file with an appropriate letter which I'm still trying to write without the blasphemies.

I'm wondering what happens if Mother drops off the twig, between them not getting the PofA and me becoming Executor of her estate.


River said...

Strange world we live in J. You are in Melbourne with call centres based in Adelaide, I'm in Adelaide with call centres based in Melbourne. What's wrong with going local for heaven's sake? It would be nice to talk to someone who knows your city and so knows what the heck you're on about AND where exactly your suburb is.

Brian Hughes said...

They don't call 'em fax for nothing.

Bwca Brownie said...

Brian is that 'fax' with a New Zillund uccent ?

antikva said...

Re the call centres in differing cities, I guess it's better than ringing the fireys and getting centrelink...

Perhaps a registered letter would be easier in the long run? or just do what some in NQ do when they run out of electrickery...burn the furniture in the oven and then tell your Mum swine flu got 'em all :D

Sorry, I really do sympathise, you know that, I send you lots of virtual hugs.

Jayne said...

You then approach them with an extra large-mouthed shovel and....end up at my vegie garden where I'll have the particular holes waiting for you, J ;)

WV = Flursinc - a dentist drill used as a bass beat.

Brian Hughes said...


That's fax with a Father Jack accent.

Andrew said...

That Brownie is funny. Pleased be aware that utilities change their minds along the way regarding deaths. A certified copy becomes a sighted original. Cheers Vic Roads.

Bwca Brownie said...

oh g'wawn Fr.Broyan - have a nice cup of tea

Lord Sedgwick said...

Cut to the chase Coppertop (seriously!)

Go here, right this minute! They are 180 degrees away from AGL in terms of response and effectiveness.

What you're experiencing is exactly what they're set up to deal with ... and from my experience that's what they do.

JahTeh said...

River, you can't tell me this is deliberate.

Bwca, I believe Our Brian is speaking with a Lanky accent which is merely bogan New Zillund.

Antikva, I found out today that they don't let you email documents to the relevant department. Talk about covering their arse!

Jayne, I am now verified to work my mother's account without the PoA so the supervisor tells me and he'd better be right.

Told you Annie, Lanky bogan.

Thanks Andrew, I foresee trouble ahead on all fronts. I've made a list of what I have to do and I tore it up, too stressful.

Thank you MiLord. I see the water costs are supposed to rise by hundreds of dollars, another bunch of arseholes.

Middle Child said...

As I live at craggy island I think I am the expert on Father Jack and think he should be available for Jahteh to send round personally to those Pofa perople or whatever they call themselves and do something horrible to their call centre...something truely horrible to the Fax maybe even plug it in!!!!