Friday, June 05, 2009


It didn't take long for ArseholesGasLimited to send out the confirmation letter for the increase in mother's direct debit. Two days as a matter of fact, so why haven't they still got my P of A after a month?

Mother is sick, urinary tract infection and is now on antibiotics so hopefully the hallucinations will slowly go away or fastly, bit hard to tell with her neural network.

What she's told the Bouvier sisters about me won't go so quickly. I really might have to belt one or both at the funeral.

So while I'm organising all the financial and health details of the old girl, I fail to look closely at mine. AGL didn't take my direct debit for gas out of my last pension or this one. Fortunately I got a cheery soul at the call centre and I didn't have the heart to rip his out. The direct debits are still being taken out on that end but it hasn't shown up on the bank balance.

Never mind Marlborough, around here it's Kafka Country.


River said...

What the heck is wrong with those people?? Why can't they get it right? It's not that hard. I'd be going down to the head office and not leaving until it's sorted. I'm like my mum that way.

I hope your mum gets better soon. The infection, I mean.

What's with the Bouvier sisters? Do they think you're the wicked witch or something? They DO realise that your mum is not quite there and shouldn't be believed?

Brian Hughes said...

"...around here it's Kafka Country."

You mean you've got enormous black beetles crawling about all over your ceiling?

JahTeh said...

River, they're in denial about everything. Aunt Patty was down on Tuesday but did she ring and say I was right, nothing, no feed back at all. The two of them never did a damn thing for their own mother but I'm supposed to be superdaughter 24/7.

As for AGL, Head Office might as well be in the land of Oz. I used to be able to go locally, pay the bill, complain etc but not now.

Yes, Fleety, they're called the Bouvier Sisters.

Middle Child said...

I will trade you my Bouvier sisters for yours..they have to be better...or better still between us we could trade "hits" on them and no one would ever connect it to either of us...ah just dreaming and Joking ASIO!