Friday, June 05, 2009


Just in case you lot think my stress is just a minor glitch in my life plan.

I sat down this afternoon to finally sew up the hems on my new dresses which have been hanging on the wardrobe door for three weeks now.

Thread the needle, tension's fine, foot to the pedal.

Nothing, nada, no response. I can't believe it. The machine's just been repaired.

My feet are pedalling like crazy and nothing's moving.

Oh, I see, my feet are pedalling like crazy.

My electric machine sits on the old treadle machine and there are the feet, treadling away like crazy.

Pathetic, honestly.


River said...

According to my high school sewing class teacher, all hems should be sewn by hand anyway. I'll send her to do yours, as soon as I locate her. Wonder how old the old bat is now? you've probably finished them by now though.

Andrew said...

You didn't did you? What a laugh. Good exercise for your legs I suppose.

Brian Hughes said...

So...Alzheimers it is then.

Jayne said...

How are the hems and new frocks from The House of Madame J ?

JahTeh said...

River, it seems we had the same sewing teacher. The dresses are made of tracksuiting so I put lace around the hem then hand sew, it's less bulk and the last thing I need is bulk. Now I just have to finish the dressinggown I started last winter.

Andrew, same thing with the washing machine when I turned everything on except the knob around to wash.

Brian, you have to have a brain for that and mine is currently being siphoned off by the madness of mother.

Jayne, frocks are still hanging on the wardrobe but the hems are ready to go. I wasn't sure about making this pattern in tracksuiting, that is fleecy but it's worked out well. I used a patterned cotton for the v-neck and cuffs. I even put pockets in the side.

R.H. said...

Hi. I've put my Marilyn Monroe tie on to type this, it looks a bit funny with track pants and thongs but I can get away with it.

Make sure the pockets are big enough to hold a boston bun.

JahTeh said...

And melt the icing, are you crazy?

The tie would complete the outfit, a gentleman always wears a tie even with thongs.

R.H. said...

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JahTeh said...

Let it all out Robbert, otherwise you'll turn into a serial killer or worse, a serial commenter.

R.H. said...

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JahTeh said...

That's right Rh, stay home and some moron rings at 1 am and gives me a minor heart attack. It was not funny.

Middle Child said...

his is the best laugh I have had all day and i thank you for it. The image of your doing that will stay in my head for a while...whata hoot...Is brian hughes right or no???